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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whooo! This site seems to be going VIRAL!

 Update: 12/30/2011 There are a lot of viewings but few comments, whole months without any!  That speaks to the probability that the site is being monitored for intel rather than entertainment or curiousity. The hits keep coming faster and faster and from the same people.  Every one is keeping their own counsel and trying to spy..
Update 12/18/2011 The site is seeing a steady climb in hits, now over 400 a month.  After the spoof-er using foreign servers was outed, they are still checking but are using US sites.  The reality show idea is a real winner and I sincerely expect it to be stolen soon.  Terry: Please email me and we will talk on a secure phone!  Time to quit the coy stuff and get down to brass tacks!!! OK????  Update: 12/09/2011 27 page views today, and most of them by a Safari browser (isn't that what Mark Musick has????), and all those in the US.  Likely this is one interested person reading virtually everything on the blog.  You are welcome to email me, but remember! Be careful with private information.

FIFTY EIGHT PAGEVIEWS just today!   I get the feeling that something has finally gone right here.  I recently got a line on a 25% interest in a bank that had never been cashed in, and I think it has SOMETHING to do with Howard Hughes!  I know it has something to do with some pretty powerful people and I think someone in my family (a drug addict) has been hired to either kill me or give me enough grief to keep me occupied.  I will tell you that I have left messages with my friends as to who I suspect as the shooter and the bank official who I suspect as the one who is at the money end.  There are probably 2 or three cutouts in between but between the pictures posted of vehicles on this site and law enforcement working from both ends with the names I have supplied, it should actually be pretty easy for law enforcement to put it together.  This involves a 25% stake in a bank, one of the 10 most powerful men in the US, Howard Hughes, and a conspiracy to cover up Howard's children.  I can't prove it but will say that I suspect that if Paul Winn had told ALL of what he knows, none of these attempts on people's lives would likely have happened.  He may well not realize the importance of his knowledge (or so he is likely to claim) but if I die, law enforcement needs to get a warrant for his house and the banker's house. Between the two the issues should resolve! This can legally be taken as a deathbed statement by a dying man and be admissible in court.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Privacy warning to Interested Parties! You will be monitored by outside parties!

We have reason to believe that several private investigators are using illegal and legal survielance tactics to not only monitor the content of this site but also monitoring the computers of anyone who has emailed this blogger.  In one instance a reaction was obtained in less than an hour after this blogger instituted what should have been a private search on his home computer.  These developments have been very disturbing!

During the recent and Thanksgiving holiday there was two gaps of many hours in computer checks for posts on this site.  Since the holiday and date is a uniquely American holiday, that indicates that the generation of these checks are from the US although the inquiring sites are often all over the world.  The only plausible interpretation of this is that a US security agency is monitoring this site and using their consular and embassy computers in other parts of the world to route traffic.  Interestingly all the inquiring countries have we think all a US government presence.  Let us repeat to you again that you should NEVER include sensitive information in you posts to this site!  Also, if you email us, NEVER include sensitive or personally identifying material in your emails.  If it becomes neccessary for you to let us know your identity, we will talk on random phones.  I know this sounds like spy vs spy but is is very much like that.  A large number of people associated with the efforts to correct the Howard Hughes legacy have had their lives attempted and you should be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS ABOUT USEING ANY COMMUNICATION MEANS THAT CAN BE TRACKED OR TRACE.

Here is an interesting blurb from a recent privacy violation by makers of cell phones.
"The revelation that the locations and other sensitive data of millions of Americans are being secretly recorded and possibly transmitted is deeply troubling," said Mr Franken in a statement."

Couple this with an earlier revelation that the mike on a cell phone can be turned on remotely and be used as a bugging device to listen to anything the carrier or anyone closeby says, and the obvious conclusion is that when you are doing anything extremely private, a CELL PHONE SHOULD NOT BE IN YOUR POSSESSION.  

Several of our efforts shows preknowledge by those in opposition, so we have logical precident that these are prudent steps.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Open Letter to Hollywood Producers: Reality Show Entitled: The Search for Howard Hughes/ette!

 The basic premise of this show would be the search and documentation of all proposed children of Howard Hughes with DNA and detective work.  The audience would be asked to help and rewards offered for germane information.

And document the search for Howard's children through interviews and DNA. Rewards could be offered for getting information and critical DNA tests.  I originally thought that Mark Musick with a side kick would be a good crew but Mark is a little mild for that job.  I thought maybe a cast with a Myth Busters flavor of 1. Mark, 2. An investigative journalist to hype the program, 3. a certain nurse who is a Hughes DNA researcher with 30 years of searching,  And of course with a female DNA scientist (her company would make millions off the publicity) I know a good one in Phoneix) to balance out the testosterone with some estrogen. A PI company would be retained for free as the advertising would be worth millions. 

Paul Winn could be given his own 2 minute comment box, to deliver his 2 minute analysis of each segment to give fair comment to the historic Hughes party line. Paul is a really entertaining personality, with a lot of knowledge and is especially entertaining when he gets on his soapbox in an Andy Rooney sort of way.

Peter Maheu (he's pretty dull) or his female assistant Noel Krieger could also be asked to comment on developments.  She is also a very entertaining personality.

Possible producers: Douglas Wellman, Steven Speilburg, Terry Morre/Grant Cramer (yes they evidently have a production company), Warren Beatty. The world loves a mystery, especially an unsolved one and even better one they can participate in helping solve.  I already have quite a stock of information backlogged that could be used.

So you big money men like Ted Turner, etc, are you up for a new idea of a reality show that is reality, history, mystery and entertainment all rolled into one??  Get with it then!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What the Romanian Connection with Howard Hughes?

Update: Black Friday: Nov 25: 2011 On analysisng the traffic patterns from sites outside the US and this blog we came to an interesting conclusion. Here's the logic:
1. Only the US has a Holiday on Thanksgiving because the day is unique to the US. So if there is an anomaly in people checking this site on Thanksgiving, it can be attributed to interest inside the US. 
2. On Thanksgiving there was an 11 hour blank with no foreign or domestic sites checking in. Now we expected that of US sites but not from former iron curtain countries, Asia, Russia etc. 
3. Conclusion: The checking from sites outside the US is really someone using servers in those countries and routing the traffic back to the US to cover who is really doing the checking
4. Conclusion: As far as we can tell, every one of the countries that the reroute traffic was coming from has a US embassy or consulate. Who else has these kinds of resources in literally dozens of countries.  Postulate: Someone with close connections or in the US government is keeping very close check on my blog! Now I wonder why?????
5. Further conclusion: Ever who is keeping close check is using Google to notify them of posts. Why?  Because Google only notifies of NEW posts, if a post is edited like I'm doing now, they don't send out a new notification with a set alert. I have noted that a new post gets a huge spike in visits but an addendum added to a previous post gets no spike, so therefore the automatic notifiers are not keying on the addendi (look that one up boys!   Now I wonder who the nosey posey is??  

Much of the internet interest in this site recently is coming from Romania. If the inquirer wants information they are free to email us.

Is this an innocent fan or are the servers in Romania being used by more insidious interests to monitor this site?  Nearly one half of the hits recently on this site is coming from Romania.    I am leaning toward a very in the know entitiy using various countries as surrogate servers to cover their identity.  The reason I think this is that a pattern has emerged over the past year of inquires being made from countries almost in rotation.  At different times it has been, Arab countries, middle Eastern countries, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, etc.  The pattern seems almost Mission Impossible in construction and as such would indicate very in the know people as well as likely a governmental entity in order to move around with such impunity!  Just my humble opinion.  If anyone has ideas or logical indications of the implications, please post a comment. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Open Letter to Ransom Clark Lummis

Update November 11, 1011
After the post below, the searches for Ransom Lummis have ceased on this board but inquires from other sources have increased.  In this blogger's opinion, the credit empire of the Lummis family is keeping close track of this blog. If they have nothing to worry about, then WHY??? There is an attack site from, which this blogger suspects is being used by the Lummis interests to try to obtain private information off this site or subsquent clicks on the location server.
Resume orginal post

According to my sources, someone, possibly yourself, is very interested in keeping track of all references to you on the internet and is checking my website virtually daily for such!  Now it has occurred to me that you may be monitoring it for the Lummis family or someone may be monitoring you. Having tried numerous times to contact your family through regular channels, I decided to try this.  (To Spoofers and pretexters: The identity will be verified before anything is discussed).

Why not just email me at or (I would prefer you use gmail as yahoo is much less private and much less reliable.)  Please do not offer any private or sensitive information on these email accounts as they are evidently fairly easy to hack, if one is to believe recent news reports about certain news organizations!  If those discussion need to be held, other means will be provided. Certain intrusions onto my privacy bear the marks of a hired private investigator, and this person has been reported to the authorities.  If you are associated with him, you need to understand we will prosecute criminal conspiracies to the full extent of the law.

Please understand that you will NOT be given free reign to search through my DNA archives as some of them are confidential but should you see fit to submit a DNA swab of your own (we have certified test takers who can come to your home or business (they will fingerprint and take your picture to verify identity)) for comparison.  Or we work with an office right there in Houston.  You will be informed of any matches that are relevant!

The other possibility is that someone is interested to know if we are talking. You would know the implications of that better than I.  However, would it not behoove you to know why such interest is taking place and in such a consistent manner, Hummm ?????  Given your business interests and record, it may well be an irate debtor!

You might also like to discuss,
1. A person who moved back to my area from your area in Houston, who also bears the rather rare name of Ransom.
2.  Comparing your genetic profile to those on this site and in my possession.
3. A possible 1954 double kidnap case and one of the victims who may still be living very close to you!
4.  If you have matched your DNA with a profile on my site, you would be entitled to know the identity of that set of DNA, especially if it is the set purported to belong to Howard Hughes.
 5.  It might just save you tremendous fees paid to private investigators by simply asking for the information you are curious about. 
6.  A certain cache, bequeathed to me, of (I believe) a 33rd degree mason who at one time was the Grand Pooba (or whatever they call the head honcho) of the masons in Houston.  Your family likely has jewelry items obtained from this man.
7.  Perhaps some answers as to why you seem to have gotten the short end of the stick in certain family dealings!  Ever wonder why? 

If any of this sparks your interest, just contact me!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Update: Dear Anomonous Female

 UPDATE: 3/7/2011 Who ever is using the UK google to check this post 3 times a day needs to email and leave me a phone number. I will call and establish a secure means of contact if you are that curious!

There was a HUGE spike in people reading my blog yesterday from a least eight different sources!  I will take that as an indication that either your comments are raising a lot of interest or that the people with the Hughes money know of something about to happen that is causing them to carefully check the possible threats to their money and freedom.

You do realize that even if you're running a con, you may have put yourself in danger.  Other claimed relatives, etc to Howard have had their lives attempted numerous times and a Lawyer for a supposed daughter in Houston reports that her lawyer was threatened so seriously that she quit the case and would not even talk about it afterward to her client, also the records disappeared.

I would recommend that you take some serious security measures to protect yourself, all of course in line with the law. A permit to carry course might come in handy as well as some motion alarms that sound off insid the house to let you know of movement outside (has already saved 3 lives). (Motion lights don't do much good if you're asleep now do they?). ($17 or less at Harbor Freight, but spray paint them a less noticeable pattern such as green if put in bushes and cover the led on the front with a piece of green tape, It's irritating at first but then it becomes a challenge.) Most of the reported intrusions to this site have come between 11pm and 5Am.  They no longer seem to send professionals but instead like to hire local talent anonymously and send the payment through a non traceable (or so they think) Fed Ex packet.

If they follow the recent patterns, you are most likely to be in danger from a local gang, (bloods, crips, 13 or whatever is prominent locally).  I would advise you to move if that is convenient (a moving target is usually harder to hit) , as these people have multiple ways to track addresses (I can assure you that they almost certainally have your present address).  The US postal service is NOT a safe place to give out your name and address, IMHO.  They let a LOT of people know when you get a new address. I suspect your information is for sale nationally as soon as you get an address.  At least it is available to government agencies and rich people nearly always have government workers who inform for them.

Internet communications are eminently traceable so a good way to communicate is to do so from libraries or internet cafes so that you can vary which site you use and make it very hard to trace you to a specific house.  Of course if you constantly email from a 5 block area, they can narrow your address down pretty quick.

Get good at disguises and do some thinking about how you would get out of your house in an emergency or even while being shot at.  There are some simple things you can do to preposition resources to give intruders nasty surprises. Be careful not to hurt your dog or kids if you have them. If you don't have kids, a mean inside dog is handy, but then understand that will NOT stop a hireling but WILL only change his method of attempt (Benadyrl in meat balls was used to silence dogs in one attempt). You need to fore think how they will then try!  Sometimes it is best to decide which kind of attempt YOU favor and make it LOOK like that avenue is EASY!  You can take it from there!

Employee recruiters is also a favorite ploy used to track people.  You can tell they are not legit because they don't stop at minimum necessary information but seem to always have another form or assessment to have you fill out. (It is a tracking and update ploy). If that fails they will keep calling you just to get your voice print to verify you are still at that address or url.    These are not instructions, simply hints that have been helpful to others, you must adapt to the local circumstances as you experience them! We do not take any responsibility for you doing something unwise and getting hurt.  Remember, these are only ideas, use your head as to if you need to use them or not!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dear Anomoyous Female:

Update 3/10/2012: I see you followed my advice about moving. You certainally managed a good one. No one but me will be able to figure out where you are, I think. I would advise using a public library or other public place for your internet traffic from now on! I will assume you worked for a while in the "public service" sector in Nevada before moving to your present "picked" address. Hope you're doing well and followed the rest of my advice. I will let you know if I run into anyone "kin" to you! Peel

I get a lot of crazy comments so yours was deleted almost immediately.  On further thought, your thought of being in immediate danger must be taken seriously.  You present an interesting conumdrum. How to advise you and how to get your DNA known.  Here's what I think would be the best choice.

1. Get some 10 cotton swabs and rub the inside of your cheeks (make sure to get a good sample). Lay them out on a dry clean paper towel to dry. Once dry put them in 5 clean, new, small brown paper lunch bags.  Label and sign them as being yours on the bags.  Fold each bag and put in a legal size envelope.  Address 3 to your closest friends or your lawyer and address the 4th to the local District Attorney.  Give your friends their samples, put stamps on the 4th and hide it in a place that will be found after you are gone in case your stalkers are successful.
Take the fifth bag and store it a home and go to the internet and send after a $79 kit to have your DNA profiled.  They will probably want TWO samples as the paternity test is the cheapest, so have a close male relative supply the other sample.  After you get the sample back, email me or send the sample in a comment to be posted on the blog.
2. Go directly to you local police department and make a report of the danger you are in.  Most criminals know enough to leave you alone once you have drawn the attention of the police.
3. Have your DNA compared to all those on the site to see if you are related to any of our known and published samples.  I will also compare any samples that may have been kept confidential. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr. Scott Harold:

I know you have claimed to be Howard's son, but this is a discussion board for SANE people.  I have deleted both your comments made today as they are utter garbage.  If you read the orginal statement of purpose on this site, I warned you not to start the same kind of garbage you have spammed every site about Howard in the last 20 years. You have suceeded in spreading so much manure that the honest diamonds of decent discussion have been obliterated.  I don't care if your are Howard and Jean incarnate, that kind of conduct won't be tolerated.  If you care to make a considered sane comment it will be accepted.  If you send another jibberish comment, I will be forced to set a screen that will put all comments from you into spam until after I have reviewed them. I will also set it to refuse anything with your urls and name.

I regret doing this but what else do you do to protect the public from a mad dog???? You succeeded in scaring the Jean Peters family so bad with your craziness that they won't talk to ANYBODY now.  Someone must take a hard line against you and that someone is me.  Honestly , I don't think anyone is as crazy as you act, you must be working to suppress comment on Howard for a subversive element.  Who???  Answer that one for yourself.  

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The kind of people we are dealing with. (Over 300 hits in the last 2 months: Lots of repeats).

This blogger's residence has been broken in to while traveling and his computer tampered with.  An internet connection that was being used has been tapped in our opinion and someone has approached (with a cover of homeland security?) and we think the local ISP has cooperated with this insidious presence and allowed tapping at their home office.  The upshot has been to slow the connection down till it takes 2 hours to check a single email account.  Complaints have been made to the ISP and the FCC has been asked to investigate illegal activity.

Three medical offices this blogger had used for testing etc, (including family doctor) have been burglarized and this blogger's files copied. The burglars broke in a hidden back door at one facility and spent at least several hours searching the files and buildings.  The files were in a room where the windows faced on the street.  The file cabinets were moved (Didn't match the rust spots up on the carpet when they brought them back and scratched up the floor tile with the metal file cabinet when dragging it down a hall: this blogger followed the scratches right to the exam room) to an inside exam room where they could be examined at leisure. Someone entered the above the ceiling crawl space and searched the space, (even running their hands down between the walls) completely.  After the search was completed, and all their equipment loaded,  they then took a hard object and threw it through the front window to make it look like vandalism.

The glass fell mostly on the outside of the building with some pieces going clear across the parking lot (only a blow from inside out throws glass to the outside). Earlier at this same building they had shot at this blogger, shattering a wall length glass door in the process. 

It is not known what they are specifically after but maybe they are looking for medical condition that can be used, since earlier assassination attempts have failed.  Someone is very nervous, and that is just peachy keen with US! Please understand that above is only about 10% of the weirdness that has happened to this blogger!!

Here is one of many pictures this blogger took in a remote area of Colorado of suspicious Texas vehicles very near to the scene when this blogger and his family woke to motion alarms in their yard blaring at 2:30 am and a Mexican looking man pointing a long barreled gun at the darkened windows of the blogger's house.  The police chase failed to catch them but the blogger knew there was only one place to get gas and coffee late at night in this remote area.  After all it seemed reasonable the crew would need to gas up and get coffee for their get away after a hard night of attempted assassination. The blogger staked out the place and within a few minutes a Mustang and F150 arrived traveling together.  The blogger took pictures of the people and their cars who showed up with signs of sneaking around the bushes.  They certainly looked like a hit crew and the Mexican gentleman of the same size and build as the fence creeper, got very nervous and shoved his hand into his pants pocket and kept it there till they left.  They were tailed for over a hundred miles. Using multiple observers.

Readers are invited to trace these tags and email us with the particulars so that we may investigate any connections they might have to people with something to lose in these matters! Thank you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To the Reqular Inquisitors at this site! Please send phone number!

1. Terry Moore: Dec 18,2011 update. We have not heard word one from Terry herself, but the family of an actress friend of hers who also had sex with Howard has been in contact and the import of the contact may well indicate Terry is curious.  It seems your website may be checking this blog on a regular basis.  If it's not you, you need to check your employees!  Did you really have Howard's secretions after all these years?  If so, are the profiles back?  I would like to exchange profiles from this site.

Terry: You are getting old and you and I both know the implications of that age.  "All are going in the way of the earth" (although there may be an exception).  I would like you to think of what kind of explanation you will make of your earthly course to your creator.  Deathbed regrets are of dicey value, but considered charity to your fellow man is highly valued by him, "give to the needy and god puts it on his account as owing to him".   I know you favor the Mormon faith but you have to understand in you heart of hearts that God holds "truth" above any earthy affiliation.  Loyalty to a belief does not negate our responsibility to truth!  He rejected the whole nation of Jews because they refused the truth that Jesus was the Messiah.  You hold some links to truth about Howard, please share them with the world, especially his DNA.  I cannot explain but you will be doing more than the Nobel foundation to better the world.  Please???

Why be curious when you can have your questions answered! Are you ABSOLUTELY sure your children by Howard, ALL died.  Howard played many romantic games and you wouldn't be the first woman he wasn't completely candid with!  DNA could help you answer those questions and we have walked on this road quite a while.  You would have to start from scratch!  Email me a phone number and I will call you.  The caller ID will show Escondido, CA when I call.  We need to talk!

2.  Write Life Publishers: Dec 18, 2011 These seem to regularly check the blog, and Mark's mobile (he's addicted to it) appears to be checking the blog regularly. You too are tying to track this blog and the activity on it. Your editor has tried to get access to private information on the blogger.  Same for you, just call and I will talk.  You don't have to be coy. Email me a phone number if you have questions.  They may or may not be answered but at least they might.  Confidential sources will never be revealed so don't ask on that score.

3.  Agency who routes your traffic through Germany Dec 18,2011 update: This agency is definately from the US. All the foreign traffic had two long gaps in automated checking of the blog over the Thanksgiving holidays, and since Thanksgiving is a uniquely American event, that meant the foreign servers were just being used to hid the source.  Now WHO in the US has that kind of survielence assets?????

  If I was more interested you could probably be tracked to ground but first, just call.  You tapped 39,000 phones of innocent people in the US per year.  Learn to use one legally???? How about that???  Using the Texas boiler room employment scam fools no one!

4.  Paul B Winn:   Dec 18 update: Not much heard publicly from the entire Winn clan (and there's a bunch of them).  Bruce is keeping his head down in SL City and Paul isn't even commenting on the internet forums.  Hey Paul, Did you really become a CIA asset while you were helping to negotiate the end to the Korean war? Just a rumor I heard. You did rise pretty quickly through the Hughes ranks.  (couldn't resist prodding you).  

Your traffic was the easiest to track, simple logic.  This is the realm of INFORMATION and LOGIC.  Your past posts identified AOL and COX net.  Only one person has been inquiring from your area with those parameters.  s

You have our apologies if your feelings have been hurt, we question an individual's reasoning not the individual.  It's not personal, this is a search for knowledge and questions must be asked, even if they are raw.  Nothing, not even the time of day is accepted without question.  You understand that, being a lawyer don't you?  If you had ever tried cases in court you would understand challenging arguments to verify them.  Again just email me your phone number, it's that easy.  Yes we will keep our anonymity, as the past 16 attacks on the blogger argue for caution.

5.  The ARAB Inquisitor:  Dec 2011 update. This appears to have been a front for a US inquiry that is described above. These web inquiries come from two Arab countries and we don't have the slightest idea who is interested over there. You will have to be more revealing than the other inquisitors, as the source of the inquiries are suspicious by their very origin.  But email us, you may or may not be replied to.

6.  The Swiss Bankers:  Dec 2011 update: We have an ongoing interest into this area and won't comment further.  Although anyone who knows of these huge money transfers is welcome to comment.   I would venture that this person is the Swiss contact person for moving money out of the US for some very powerful interests who ended up with Howard's money and Industries after his death.  They seem to be interested in keeping tabs on the DNA testing we are doing.  The monitoring it seems is coming via a Swiss internet account which puts it outside US law and also under the protection of the famed Swiss protection of their depositors, no matter how odious. They protected the Nazi's so it is a fair bet they will protect the depositors of hundreds of Billions of dollars of US treasury bonds.

7.  Prospective Children of Howard Hughes JrDec. 11, 2011 update:  This area has taken serveral unexpected turns.  At least two posers have pretended to be Howard's offspring to gather information.  One was a private investigator known to have worked the Houston and Dallas areas.  Who they are working for is not clear but one can surmise.  The main import of their inquiries is to put names to the DNA sequences posted on here. I think my email accounts have all been hacked and downloaded but I learned long ago that email isn't private.  From that effort I will assume that at least one of the DNA profiles are of extreme interest to the present holders of Howard's money.  

There are several who are keeping track and who have submitted their DNA.  Thanks to them and keep helping please!

THIS IS A SUNSHINE POST!   To let all readers know who is reading these posts and who is keeping track of the evidence. You can put your own motives to the various sources if you know Howard's history.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting New Developments?

I will put all things here down as rumors because most are due to messages from confidential sources.Whoo, Hoo, just past 1000 hits! (Somebody is reading!) (Mostly former Hughes men, authors, law enforcement and newsmen).

1.  Seems the "Nik" DNA from the "ranch" had some interesting matches to certain persons in Houston who claims to be children of Howard.
2.  A rumor is circulating that a "daughter" of Howard has been made a monetary offer from the Lummis' for her silence! Hummm! What are the implications of that?
3.  There's a rumor that a certain Italian/Creole "family" seems to be very upset that certain Houston individuals did not carry out a contract of honor as specified long ago and instead may have tried to murder the person they were supposed to protect. 
4.  Will Lummis is rumored to be upset and jittery because of a visit he received.
5.  The McDonald family who used to manage one of Howard's industries are now rumored to be in the search to prove one of their family is Howard's son!  He's had some newspaper articles on it if anyone wants to check on the story.
6.  A team of scientists at USC are rumored to be comparing DNA from Howard and others to determine who is related to whom.
7.  The CIA is rumored to be very interested in t he Boxes story. Is the interest real or is it their baby and the interest natural?
8.  The "Boxes" book is rumored to be a confuse and defuse scheme from the CIA.
9.  In the manner of Walter Winchell:  "Does Terry Moore still have the first night's sheets, from her and Howard's honeymoon?"  Now that would be a DNA source that could be tested. An item that Howard bleed on?  A cloth the he used to wipe his face after shaving. Come on people, I know there are non disclosure agreements out there but a few bucks isn't worth keeping this DNA from the world!
10.  Identigene: Just a few miles Southwest of 400 Travis Street (Will Lummis office, 42 ed floor) (also Howard's Houston address), are rumored to have a verified and court admissible copy of Howard Robard Hughes Jr's DNA, which they obtained with the permission of the Gano/Lummis cabal. (Now that might come back to bite them in the behind if some enterprising tech decides to sell the information.) They are said to be actively comparing it to people who inquire, but won't tell those people the results.  (Now that ain't fair is it?)
12. A rumor is circulating that a tell all book by a girl (update June 26, 2011= Did Warren Betty get a copy of this book? It just hit the news that he is making a movie about one of these affairs??? Hummmm, seems I may have just scooped the ENTIRE NEWS INDUSTRY) (now dead) who had underage sex for years with Howard and a baby by him, has been saved by her publisher and will be published in spite of the payoff to her by Howard long ago.  Since blackmail is illegal, and the contract to buy the manuscript was a product of blackmail, the legal eagles tell us that the contract was likely a result the product of an illegal act and therefore unenforceable.  They think the book can be legally published and Rosemont publishing can do very little about it? Hmmm? Wonder what she will tell and who the kid is?  Might this son of Howard be doing design contracting for the continuing elements of the Hughes empire and have some gov contracts the CIA threw his way?  Time will tell!
13.  Ransom C Lummis (and where/why in the world did the name Ransom enter the Lummis heredity name-set? Hummm!)seems to be the current front man for another credit card/collection company associated with the Houston Lummis'.  Some really BAD evaluations on the internet about totally obnoxious credit collection methods!  Interestingly he is also the a member of the Glennwood Cemertary board of directors. Here's the list and the reference to Howard's grave. Now add to that the "construction" done around Howard's grave and who wants to bet me Howard's grave hasn't been emptied to get rid of another source of DNA?  Also, as a director, he will get advance notice of anyone snooping around with plans to get a court order to exhume the presumably empty casket!
14. There is a rumor that a certain party involved in this affair has hackers endeavoring to smother the blogger who initiated this site.  It is said they are hacking the bloggers home computer and using very sophisticated viruses that are exempted from deletion by standard antiviral programs.  The rumor says these virus and mal-ware are the property of certain national security interests and are being misused against common citizens for personal vendetta purposes.  It is rumored that one source comes from a boiler room operation in Frisco in North Dallas, Texas.  

Find A Grave - Glenwood Cemetery

Records 21 - 28 ... He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, the marker at Forest Park ... The father of Howard Hughes Jr., he invented the 64 tooth drill bit used to ... - Cached - Similar

Glenwood Cemetery, Inc. is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors:
Paul G. Bell, Thomas L. Carter, Jr., William P. Conner, Robert L. Dabney, Susan C. Garwood, Lora Jean Kilroy        Ransom C Lummis, Edward K. Neuhaus, Joan Neuhaus Schaan, Anne Peden Tucker, F. Carrington Weems, Wallace S. Wilson
Here are some pictures taken when an investigator visited to see just what the construction was up to.  It was pretty close and it looked like access to the Hughes site could be cut off at any moment.  Interestingly there are three people here: Howard Senior, Allene Hughes, Howard Robard Junior and a spot left for a fourth!  Is that an accident? I don't think so, I will wager that the first name intended for the fourth slab starts with Allen....   Hughes, that is just a hunch that if Howard ever had a kid his mother's name would be included in the name somewhere.  Just something to make this interesting!

14: Rumor has it that Dyna Corp CSC, CSC being CEO ed, until recalled by the president of the Mormon church to serve a Salt Lake City mission, by a son of Paul Winn named Bruce R (Rice?) is a lightly disguised information management company that manages a lot of IT for high government officials and supplies policemen to UN missions.  The more one digs into this company the creepier the connections get. Read this and ask yourself, does the president know these people are tapped into his entire information management infrastructure??

Hughes was a leader in spyware of all kinds, and these people seem to be scions of the Mormon leadership that took over his empire for a time.  I wonder, is it wise to let those connected to this information gathering and ultra conservative movements, control access to everything the president does?  No wonder the conservative congress seems to know what the president is going to do before he does it!!