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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr. Scott Harold:

I know you have claimed to be Howard's son, but this is a discussion board for SANE people.  I have deleted both your comments made today as they are utter garbage.  If you read the orginal statement of purpose on this site, I warned you not to start the same kind of garbage you have spammed every site about Howard in the last 20 years. You have suceeded in spreading so much manure that the honest diamonds of decent discussion have been obliterated.  I don't care if your are Howard and Jean incarnate, that kind of conduct won't be tolerated.  If you care to make a considered sane comment it will be accepted.  If you send another jibberish comment, I will be forced to set a screen that will put all comments from you into spam until after I have reviewed them. I will also set it to refuse anything with your urls and name.

I regret doing this but what else do you do to protect the public from a mad dog???? You succeeded in scaring the Jean Peters family so bad with your craziness that they won't talk to ANYBODY now.  Someone must take a hard line against you and that someone is me.  Honestly , I don't think anyone is as crazy as you act, you must be working to suppress comment on Howard for a subversive element.  Who???  Answer that one for yourself.  

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Anonymous said...

Some interesting comments from an interested party that were forwarded to me.
<Thanks, that's interesting. I have found very little about Mr. Musick except that he was a Major General in the Nebraska national guard. I have however got wind of a secret mission Mark Musick was on at one time. He was navagator for several hundred missions with the Korean and other Air units. I believe the operative term was "above my pay grade"<

Strangely, about everyone involved in this, Paul Winn, Musick and 5 others were in Pany Mon Jong during the time the peace negotiations were going on. Mr. Winn was some kind of negotiater for the US gov. Mr. Winn was also working for the CIA (IMHO) with the Jennirfer project at the same time he was working for Howard Hughes. My uncle worked in the same area and remembered Mr. Winn.<

<The Jennifer project involved CIA operatives were working out of a secret office in Encino,Ca which had no public recognition and the building was sealed and didn't say anywhere who or what worked there. Bank America built a branch across the street just to service this CIA front. Interestingly one of the most powerful men in the US, Mike Duncan moved to a small bank in Eastern KY, and is working with a man who like Hughes seems intent on buying up the whole state. The pattern is very eerily like the pattern of the CIA scenario in project Jennifer. On his land, has been built a prison, airport, mines and he is consuming real estate at an astounding rate (kind of sounds like Howard working with the CIA doesn't it???) <
<To Nik: I have a viseral adversion to all insults to personal liberty and these "networks" are in my opinion one of those encroachments. It is simply reduction of humanity to zeros and ones. If you want to talk to me, just email.

I have already researched you and know you are a close business associate of Mark Musick, Were involved in publishing "Boxes", and Were a Master Sgt. when you "deenlisted", and work in that your "venture" is linked with some arch conservatives. Much more is know but I will let you reveal what you will, and judge your honesty from that revelation. <
<I am investigating it, but actually suspect it might be a distraction op because I'm getting close on several other fronts. I have some actual DNA sample on some of the principles in the Howard Hughes mystery and DNA doesn't lie, which is more than I can say for most everyone mixed up in Howard's mess! Another motive might be to introduce a bunch of illegitimate children of Howard into the mix. At Howard's death in 1976 only legitimate kids could inherit, but in 2001 (the Nicely) timeline, all three states (NV, CA, TX) then allowed illegitimate children to inherit. (Another muddy the waters strategy?). I have in fact investigated many of these people in depth, if you need info on any of them, just ask, You're welcome to whatever I have dug up. I'm always looking for help from other researchers! <
<background you find on Mr M will give you a better perspective. I believe he was a high ranking individual with the government covert ops department. <

Just some comments that have been sent to this blogger. The names have been deleted due to confidentiality!