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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The kind of people we are dealing with. (Over 300 hits in the last 2 months: Lots of repeats).

This blogger's residence has been broken in to while traveling and his computer tampered with.  An internet connection that was being used has been tapped in our opinion and someone has approached (with a cover of homeland security?) and we think the local ISP has cooperated with this insidious presence and allowed tapping at their home office.  The upshot has been to slow the connection down till it takes 2 hours to check a single email account.  Complaints have been made to the ISP and the FCC has been asked to investigate illegal activity.

Three medical offices this blogger had used for testing etc, (including family doctor) have been burglarized and this blogger's files copied. The burglars broke in a hidden back door at one facility and spent at least several hours searching the files and buildings.  The files were in a room where the windows faced on the street.  The file cabinets were moved (Didn't match the rust spots up on the carpet when they brought them back and scratched up the floor tile with the metal file cabinet when dragging it down a hall: this blogger followed the scratches right to the exam room) to an inside exam room where they could be examined at leisure. Someone entered the above the ceiling crawl space and searched the space, (even running their hands down between the walls) completely.  After the search was completed, and all their equipment loaded,  they then took a hard object and threw it through the front window to make it look like vandalism.

The glass fell mostly on the outside of the building with some pieces going clear across the parking lot (only a blow from inside out throws glass to the outside). Earlier at this same building they had shot at this blogger, shattering a wall length glass door in the process. 

It is not known what they are specifically after but maybe they are looking for medical condition that can be used, since earlier assassination attempts have failed.  Someone is very nervous, and that is just peachy keen with US! Please understand that above is only about 10% of the weirdness that has happened to this blogger!!

Here is one of many pictures this blogger took in a remote area of Colorado of suspicious Texas vehicles very near to the scene when this blogger and his family woke to motion alarms in their yard blaring at 2:30 am and a Mexican looking man pointing a long barreled gun at the darkened windows of the blogger's house.  The police chase failed to catch them but the blogger knew there was only one place to get gas and coffee late at night in this remote area.  After all it seemed reasonable the crew would need to gas up and get coffee for their get away after a hard night of attempted assassination. The blogger staked out the place and within a few minutes a Mustang and F150 arrived traveling together.  The blogger took pictures of the people and their cars who showed up with signs of sneaking around the bushes.  They certainly looked like a hit crew and the Mexican gentleman of the same size and build as the fence creeper, got very nervous and shoved his hand into his pants pocket and kept it there till they left.  They were tailed for over a hundred miles. Using multiple observers.

Readers are invited to trace these tags and email us with the particulars so that we may investigate any connections they might have to people with something to lose in these matters! Thank you!

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