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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting New Developments?

I will put all things here down as rumors because most are due to messages from confidential sources.Whoo, Hoo, just past 1000 hits! (Somebody is reading!) (Mostly former Hughes men, authors, law enforcement and newsmen).

1.  Seems the "Nik" DNA from the "ranch" had some interesting matches to certain persons in Houston who claims to be children of Howard.
2.  A rumor is circulating that a "daughter" of Howard has been made a monetary offer from the Lummis' for her silence! Hummm! What are the implications of that?
3.  There's a rumor that a certain Italian/Creole "family" seems to be very upset that certain Houston individuals did not carry out a contract of honor as specified long ago and instead may have tried to murder the person they were supposed to protect. 
4.  Will Lummis is rumored to be upset and jittery because of a visit he received.
5.  The McDonald family who used to manage one of Howard's industries are now rumored to be in the search to prove one of their family is Howard's son!  He's had some newspaper articles on it if anyone wants to check on the story.
6.  A team of scientists at USC are rumored to be comparing DNA from Howard and others to determine who is related to whom.
7.  The CIA is rumored to be very interested in t he Boxes story. Is the interest real or is it their baby and the interest natural?
8.  The "Boxes" book is rumored to be a confuse and defuse scheme from the CIA.
9.  In the manner of Walter Winchell:  "Does Terry Moore still have the first night's sheets, from her and Howard's honeymoon?"  Now that would be a DNA source that could be tested. An item that Howard bleed on?  A cloth the he used to wipe his face after shaving. Come on people, I know there are non disclosure agreements out there but a few bucks isn't worth keeping this DNA from the world!
10.  Identigene: Just a few miles Southwest of 400 Travis Street (Will Lummis office, 42 ed floor) (also Howard's Houston address), are rumored to have a verified and court admissible copy of Howard Robard Hughes Jr's DNA, which they obtained with the permission of the Gano/Lummis cabal. (Now that might come back to bite them in the behind if some enterprising tech decides to sell the information.) They are said to be actively comparing it to people who inquire, but won't tell those people the results.  (Now that ain't fair is it?)
12. A rumor is circulating that a tell all book by a girl (update June 26, 2011= Did Warren Betty get a copy of this book? It just hit the news that he is making a movie about one of these affairs??? Hummmm, seems I may have just scooped the ENTIRE NEWS INDUSTRY) (now dead) who had underage sex for years with Howard and a baby by him, has been saved by her publisher and will be published in spite of the payoff to her by Howard long ago.  Since blackmail is illegal, and the contract to buy the manuscript was a product of blackmail, the legal eagles tell us that the contract was likely a result the product of an illegal act and therefore unenforceable.  They think the book can be legally published and Rosemont publishing can do very little about it? Hmmm? Wonder what she will tell and who the kid is?  Might this son of Howard be doing design contracting for the continuing elements of the Hughes empire and have some gov contracts the CIA threw his way?  Time will tell!
13.  Ransom C Lummis (and where/why in the world did the name Ransom enter the Lummis heredity name-set? Hummm!)seems to be the current front man for another credit card/collection company associated with the Houston Lummis'.  Some really BAD evaluations on the internet about totally obnoxious credit collection methods!  Interestingly he is also the a member of the Glennwood Cemertary board of directors. Here's the list and the reference to Howard's grave. Now add to that the "construction" done around Howard's grave and who wants to bet me Howard's grave hasn't been emptied to get rid of another source of DNA?  Also, as a director, he will get advance notice of anyone snooping around with plans to get a court order to exhume the presumably empty casket!
14. There is a rumor that a certain party involved in this affair has hackers endeavoring to smother the blogger who initiated this site.  It is said they are hacking the bloggers home computer and using very sophisticated viruses that are exempted from deletion by standard antiviral programs.  The rumor says these virus and mal-ware are the property of certain national security interests and are being misused against common citizens for personal vendetta purposes.  It is rumored that one source comes from a boiler room operation in Frisco in North Dallas, Texas.  

Find A Grave - Glenwood Cemetery

Records 21 - 28 ... He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, the marker at Forest Park ... The father of Howard Hughes Jr., he invented the 64 tooth drill bit used to ... - Cached - Similar

Glenwood Cemetery, Inc. is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors:
Paul G. Bell, Thomas L. Carter, Jr., William P. Conner, Robert L. Dabney, Susan C. Garwood, Lora Jean Kilroy        Ransom C Lummis, Edward K. Neuhaus, Joan Neuhaus Schaan, Anne Peden Tucker, F. Carrington Weems, Wallace S. Wilson
Here are some pictures taken when an investigator visited to see just what the construction was up to.  It was pretty close and it looked like access to the Hughes site could be cut off at any moment.  Interestingly there are three people here: Howard Senior, Allene Hughes, Howard Robard Junior and a spot left for a fourth!  Is that an accident? I don't think so, I will wager that the first name intended for the fourth slab starts with Allen....   Hughes, that is just a hunch that if Howard ever had a kid his mother's name would be included in the name somewhere.  Just something to make this interesting!

14: Rumor has it that Dyna Corp CSC, CSC being CEO ed, until recalled by the president of the Mormon church to serve a Salt Lake City mission, by a son of Paul Winn named Bruce R (Rice?) is a lightly disguised information management company that manages a lot of IT for high government officials and supplies policemen to UN missions.  The more one digs into this company the creepier the connections get. Read this and ask yourself, does the president know these people are tapped into his entire information management infrastructure??

Hughes was a leader in spyware of all kinds, and these people seem to be scions of the Mormon leadership that took over his empire for a time.  I wonder, is it wise to let those connected to this information gathering and ultra conservative movements, control access to everything the president does?  No wonder the conservative congress seems to know what the president is going to do before he does it!!