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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The kind of people we are dealing with. (Over 300 hits in the last 2 months: Lots of repeats).

This blogger's residence has been broken in to while traveling and his computer tampered with.  An internet connection that was being used has been tapped in our opinion and someone has approached (with a cover of homeland security?) and we think the local ISP has cooperated with this insidious presence and allowed tapping at their home office.  The upshot has been to slow the connection down till it takes 2 hours to check a single email account.  Complaints have been made to the ISP and the FCC has been asked to investigate illegal activity.

Three medical offices this blogger had used for testing etc, (including family doctor) have been burglarized and this blogger's files copied. The burglars broke in a hidden back door at one facility and spent at least several hours searching the files and buildings.  The files were in a room where the windows faced on the street.  The file cabinets were moved (Didn't match the rust spots up on the carpet when they brought them back and scratched up the floor tile with the metal file cabinet when dragging it down a hall: this blogger followed the scratches right to the exam room) to an inside exam room where they could be examined at leisure. Someone entered the above the ceiling crawl space and searched the space, (even running their hands down between the walls) completely.  After the search was completed, and all their equipment loaded,  they then took a hard object and threw it through the front window to make it look like vandalism.

The glass fell mostly on the outside of the building with some pieces going clear across the parking lot (only a blow from inside out throws glass to the outside). Earlier at this same building they had shot at this blogger, shattering a wall length glass door in the process. 

It is not known what they are specifically after but maybe they are looking for medical condition that can be used, since earlier assassination attempts have failed.  Someone is very nervous, and that is just peachy keen with US! Please understand that above is only about 10% of the weirdness that has happened to this blogger!!

Here is one of many pictures this blogger took in a remote area of Colorado of suspicious Texas vehicles very near to the scene when this blogger and his family woke to motion alarms in their yard blaring at 2:30 am and a Mexican looking man pointing a long barreled gun at the darkened windows of the blogger's house.  The police chase failed to catch them but the blogger knew there was only one place to get gas and coffee late at night in this remote area.  After all it seemed reasonable the crew would need to gas up and get coffee for their get away after a hard night of attempted assassination. The blogger staked out the place and within a few minutes a Mustang and F150 arrived traveling together.  The blogger took pictures of the people and their cars who showed up with signs of sneaking around the bushes.  They certainly looked like a hit crew and the Mexican gentleman of the same size and build as the fence creeper, got very nervous and shoved his hand into his pants pocket and kept it there till they left.  They were tailed for over a hundred miles. Using multiple observers.

Readers are invited to trace these tags and email us with the particulars so that we may investigate any connections they might have to people with something to lose in these matters! Thank you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To the Reqular Inquisitors at this site! Please send phone number!

1. Terry Moore: Dec 18,2011 update. We have not heard word one from Terry herself, but the family of an actress friend of hers who also had sex with Howard has been in contact and the import of the contact may well indicate Terry is curious.  It seems your website may be checking this blog on a regular basis.  If it's not you, you need to check your employees!  Did you really have Howard's secretions after all these years?  If so, are the profiles back?  I would like to exchange profiles from this site.

Terry: You are getting old and you and I both know the implications of that age.  "All are going in the way of the earth" (although there may be an exception).  I would like you to think of what kind of explanation you will make of your earthly course to your creator.  Deathbed regrets are of dicey value, but considered charity to your fellow man is highly valued by him, "give to the needy and god puts it on his account as owing to him".   I know you favor the Mormon faith but you have to understand in you heart of hearts that God holds "truth" above any earthy affiliation.  Loyalty to a belief does not negate our responsibility to truth!  He rejected the whole nation of Jews because they refused the truth that Jesus was the Messiah.  You hold some links to truth about Howard, please share them with the world, especially his DNA.  I cannot explain but you will be doing more than the Nobel foundation to better the world.  Please???

Why be curious when you can have your questions answered! Are you ABSOLUTELY sure your children by Howard, ALL died.  Howard played many romantic games and you wouldn't be the first woman he wasn't completely candid with!  DNA could help you answer those questions and we have walked on this road quite a while.  You would have to start from scratch!  Email me a phone number and I will call you.  The caller ID will show Escondido, CA when I call.  We need to talk!

2.  Write Life Publishers: Dec 18, 2011 These seem to regularly check the blog, and Mark's mobile (he's addicted to it) appears to be checking the blog regularly. You too are tying to track this blog and the activity on it. Your editor has tried to get access to private information on the blogger.  Same for you, just call and I will talk.  You don't have to be coy. Email me a phone number if you have questions.  They may or may not be answered but at least they might.  Confidential sources will never be revealed so don't ask on that score.

3.  Agency who routes your traffic through Germany Dec 18,2011 update: This agency is definately from the US. All the foreign traffic had two long gaps in automated checking of the blog over the Thanksgiving holidays, and since Thanksgiving is a uniquely American event, that meant the foreign servers were just being used to hid the source.  Now WHO in the US has that kind of survielence assets?????

  If I was more interested you could probably be tracked to ground but first, just call.  You tapped 39,000 phones of innocent people in the US per year.  Learn to use one legally???? How about that???  Using the Texas boiler room employment scam fools no one!

4.  Paul B Winn:   Dec 18 update: Not much heard publicly from the entire Winn clan (and there's a bunch of them).  Bruce is keeping his head down in SL City and Paul isn't even commenting on the internet forums.  Hey Paul, Did you really become a CIA asset while you were helping to negotiate the end to the Korean war? Just a rumor I heard. You did rise pretty quickly through the Hughes ranks.  (couldn't resist prodding you).  

Your traffic was the easiest to track, simple logic.  This is the realm of INFORMATION and LOGIC.  Your past posts identified AOL and COX net.  Only one person has been inquiring from your area with those parameters.  s

You have our apologies if your feelings have been hurt, we question an individual's reasoning not the individual.  It's not personal, this is a search for knowledge and questions must be asked, even if they are raw.  Nothing, not even the time of day is accepted without question.  You understand that, being a lawyer don't you?  If you had ever tried cases in court you would understand challenging arguments to verify them.  Again just email me your phone number, it's that easy.  Yes we will keep our anonymity, as the past 16 attacks on the blogger argue for caution.

5.  The ARAB Inquisitor:  Dec 2011 update. This appears to have been a front for a US inquiry that is described above. These web inquiries come from two Arab countries and we don't have the slightest idea who is interested over there. You will have to be more revealing than the other inquisitors, as the source of the inquiries are suspicious by their very origin.  But email us, you may or may not be replied to.

6.  The Swiss Bankers:  Dec 2011 update: We have an ongoing interest into this area and won't comment further.  Although anyone who knows of these huge money transfers is welcome to comment.   I would venture that this person is the Swiss contact person for moving money out of the US for some very powerful interests who ended up with Howard's money and Industries after his death.  They seem to be interested in keeping tabs on the DNA testing we are doing.  The monitoring it seems is coming via a Swiss internet account which puts it outside US law and also under the protection of the famed Swiss protection of their depositors, no matter how odious. They protected the Nazi's so it is a fair bet they will protect the depositors of hundreds of Billions of dollars of US treasury bonds.

7.  Prospective Children of Howard Hughes JrDec. 11, 2011 update:  This area has taken serveral unexpected turns.  At least two posers have pretended to be Howard's offspring to gather information.  One was a private investigator known to have worked the Houston and Dallas areas.  Who they are working for is not clear but one can surmise.  The main import of their inquiries is to put names to the DNA sequences posted on here. I think my email accounts have all been hacked and downloaded but I learned long ago that email isn't private.  From that effort I will assume that at least one of the DNA profiles are of extreme interest to the present holders of Howard's money.  

There are several who are keeping track and who have submitted their DNA.  Thanks to them and keep helping please!

THIS IS A SUNSHINE POST!   To let all readers know who is reading these posts and who is keeping track of the evidence. You can put your own motives to the various sources if you know Howard's history.