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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mission Impossible Assignment: to All Citzens of the United States: Can you help?

Dear fellow Americans: 
Here is your assignment if you chose to accept it:
Job:  Get some Howard Hughes, and possible mothers DNAs to compare to possible childern.
Range of difficulty: Impossible to simple. If treated with bleach or ash the sample is very hard to test.
Sources: Any genetic relative of Howard Hughes: To compare to male childern it must be a nuclear DNA test. Any genetic relative of a prospective mother.  Can be mitochondral or neclear Test (ask lab).

Suggested approaches: Best: Just ask them for a swab, inside of 
                                        mouth, most use a polyester swab. Or 
                                        better yet, if you are the relative and 
                                        you take your own DNA or go  to the
                                        lab to be swabbed or have a tech
                                        come to your house (Usually about 
                                        $50 in big cities, more with greater 
                                        travel, If you fly in a specialty 
                                        scientist from west to east coast, 
                                        it could cost $3000).

                                   Better:  Get a direct DNA sample from
                                   blood,salavia, back of licked stamp 
                                   or licked envelope flap, Hair from 
                                   comb/brush etc that still has follicles 
                                   still attached. Copious oral, vaginal 
                                   or semen secretions directly from 
                                   the source (process as below).

                                   Good:  DNA sample from a object that has
                                   been used extensively by the subject in
                                   the past, such as a hat band that has
                                   been sweated onto, a pair of old 
                                   underwear/clothes that has dried and
                                   not been washed with dried secretions 
                                   still intact (got Bill Clinton, should get 
                                   Fair: Old letters with smuges, maps or 
                                   technical drawings that have  been
                                   handled by the subject and/or 
                                   sweated on extensively.

Warnings: This is NOT legal advice, if you have a doubt ask a lawyer. Check the laws concerning genetic sampling in your state before doing so. When in doubt; DON'T is the word here.  Of course if it's YOUR DNA, you may do what you like.  Taking samples directly from the subject without their permission is ILLEGAL.  Stalking and harassing a subject is ILLEGAL.  Be patient, let them come to you and use the opportune LEGAL moment.  Don't take a chance of getting yourself in trouble.  If you have reason to think the subject will refuse (Peters and Lummis family members likely will), then  it probably is not smart to even ask, just wait  and if they throw away/abandon an object that has their DNA on it (straw from drink, cigarette, hotel sheets,  spit cast onto a public area, napkin, with nasal secretions on it, etc and then retrieve it from the throw away place (trash can etc).  Handle straws with one finger on each end if possible, dry and bag as above. 

Suggestion: Carry a CLEAN plastic, latex or rubber glove in a baggie in your pocket along with a few swabs in a separate baggie (to swab secretions that you can't get in bag (spit, slavia etc: carefully air dry before putting into zip bag) . Use caution to not touch the fingers or palm of the glove when putting it on, retrieve the sample and put in the plastic bag, LEAVE THE BAG OPEN TILL THE SAMPLE DRIES.  Then seal the sample and send it to the lab.  If you don't have a glove/baggie handy pick it up by a CLEAN/DRY corner and wrap in a clean dry object (napkin/towel/etc). After drying, carefully deposit in a clean plastic zip bag and seal with a little air as possible and send to lab. Ask simply for a genetic paternity profile on the sample.  It could be mitochondrial or nuclear depending on the male or female prospective heritage (ask lab).  Make SURE the lab knows you want an analysis PRINTOUT that can be compared to DNA posted on the website. 

Not Necessary but  Good Insurance:  If you have a second sample you might dry it completely (keep it secret that you have a second sample), seal in a plastic bag/ label and stash in the freezer or other cold spot  for future reference, that way you have a back up if the lab loses or mixes your sample up (it happens).  Also you have proof for any future claim for reward as to who and where the sample was associated. 

A PLEA to Relatives:  If you are a possible DNA subject for testing to Howard, Jean or another possible mother, would you PLEASE be tested VOLUNTARILY and settle this issue.  The object here is to solve an ongoing mystery as it is rumored that two reporters (Walter Whinchell and Hedda Hooper) both found out about a son of Howard and Jean and reported on it. They were hushed up somehow (the report wasn't withdrawn that we know of), but Jean and Howard are long gone and the possible injustice here is to their son/s or daughter/s who have been left out of the birthright processes.  You could be the hero who rights a decades long injustice through a little bit of spit!!!

Consider: History will not look upon any favorably if this is discovered by another means (new technology is advancing daily in DNA testing; who knows what will be possible) and they were exposed as keeping mum for reputation, misguided patriotism, self incrimination and/or monetary reasons.  A reputation is not worth wronging the helpless and poor.  Isn't it worth a simple mouth swab on the CHANCE that you could solve this???  This plea will be posted on all new posts so that any relative that sees this blog will be notified.  Also, the public posting of your paternal/maternal DNA could even solve mysteries for you own childern, grandchildern or great grandchildern far into the future.  Isn't it selfish to take a code to the grave with you that could break this cypher??

This message will not SELF destruct: But there are interests with billions of dollars who will likely destroy it if they can. Please don't let them!!! Pressure will be leveled on google from many sources to pull this blog. Any question or help you need, just ask, if it's sensitive email and if it's top secret don't put it in email, only confide to someone in person!

Monday, July 19, 2010

OMG!!! The genie may be out of the bottle!!!

Let me say up front that I am NOT an expert on DNA  (or spelling, please note my mistakes and they'll be corrected) but I have had a few classes on attendant subjects.  Any DNA scientists or other tech experts are welcome to  review this blog and give their input to correct any possible errors.   Why Maury didn't think of this first is beyond me!!!  I'm hoping someone will post a chart of how to compare home profiles to the posted ones so people don't have to hire experts  initially for the comparison.
That said, the talent to corral seemingly inconsequential trivia into a cogent theory of operation is a family trait. Lying in bed tonight I was thinking about the poster who put up DNA profiles and pondering possible outcomes!. And simply stated: if any of these profiles are for real, a massive uproar is ready to erupt! Let me explain.
1.Assuming one of the profiles posted (and I am hoping for many more) is a real child of Howard Hughes and whatever mother although Jean Peters descent would have boo coo better legal standing.  Then:
         Any person who holds a piece of Howard's past possessions (hats, flight suits, covers for the pilot's chair or the Hercules, letters with smudges, hat bands, extant evidence (any hospital who had him as a patient or the Harris county evidence locker who did his autopsy, etc) (please handle them like CSI because DNA and fingerprints are both important) can get a cheap DNA test to compare to the posted ones.  
(I intend to post the prices for the various tests at all the major labs in the US as soon as I have them compiled). I anyone has a small comparison chart (like lower my bills dot com) please post it. Paternity and maternity tests are all that are needed.    Any person who is a descendant or kin of Howard, Terry, Jean, Annette Gano Lummus, Will Lummis, both Fred Lummis',Howard's Dad, Howard's uncle who was a Hollywood writer,Howard's grandpa,etc, can call a DNA lab and explain the situation and ask if a test is feasible   Remember it should be half the price of the paternity test because you're only having one person tested (there are a lot of fly by night offices that charge you 4 or 5 times what the big labs do and just send the sample to them anyway so negotiate vigorously). 
          Now here's where my musings got funky!!! What are the possible uses of a positive result??? In other words, after one gets a Howard or Jean DNA match that is a definite positive, now what?
                                   1.  Contact this blog and get in touch with whatever posters' DNA is up here (not a bad strategy). You could then have possible cause to file for an injunction to halt an further payout of the Hughes trust (some think 2.5 billion to be paid in Sept 2010) and ask to have a new administrator named. 
                                    2. Contact number 1 above, also law enforcement and give both all your information. (a highly recommended strategy, given all the stories of murder attempts on some blogs.)
                                    3.  Contact the media and give them the story; and make everyone in this unhappy but make Linsay Lohan extremely happy because the media wouldn't pay any attention to her troubles for the next 5 years. (Not recommended but an intriguing (except by stars who have a negative publicity problem) possibility). 
                                     4.  Now this is only in here, not as a suggestion but as an obvious thought that would occur to the more nefarious of our population.  (Any real analysis of a situation must consider the unseemly also)  Contact the present heirs with a suggestion of a "deal". (EXTREMELY BAD IDEA FOR ALL THE OBVIOUS REASONS).  The danger level to your freedom and possibly worse is much too high. (Do you really want to give people this powerful a reason to desire you gone?)
                                    5. Readers will also probably have logical uses of their own. Post them with your permission for use and I'll add them to the list.
Given the exponential increase in the numbers of people who could and probably will become involved now, all five of the above could happen, MULTIPLE TIMES!    Now do you see what I mean by the GENIE IS OUT OF THE BOTTLE?   

Ground rules:  Any contact with this blog will be open to any law enforcement with a legitimate inquiry!  I will protect your identity, even going to jail for you if you might be endangered. But, IF you are trying to play games, blackmail, or get info on the personal affairs of posters, creator or heirs, you will be reported and your postings will be deleted.  In advance, to the fellow from the midwest who hears Howard's broadcast through his teeth, you will be removed from this blog immediately.   Rude and crude posts will also be removed (Scott Harold or any other obscene identities dreamed up by "the great one" will be deleted immediately).  Others; if you have a theory, present it as a theory, not as a fact, otherwise you may well be deleted.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why try to match DNA now?

Because it just simply won't go away. I have heard so many stories that I decided there was only one course to solve this dilemma. Post DNA. 

Now we know that the Will Lummis settled with several claimants who claimed to be married to Howard etc but if someone claims to be a child of Howard, how can they proceed?? I can tell you now that the Hughes relatives in Houston are not likely to cooperate much. A legitimate child showing up now would throw an awful wrench into the works of the Summerlin settlement (some estimate 2.5 billion dollars).

Could this benefit the Lummis etc heirs?
Quite possibly!  From what I can read, General Growth has them on the ground gasping for air and is proceeding to strangle them and will leave them with very little in the final Summerlin payout.  Any legitimate heir would likely come from a much poorer background and be very grateful of being helped by powerful people like the Lummis'.  If the DNA were matched to both Jean and Howard, then the heir would be in a position to claim "theft by unlawful taking and a multitude of other wrongs."  

A prenegotiated settlement with the two heir groups could result in the court awarding the entire residual Summerlin property to the newly discovered heir.  Since the previous heirs would have helped, it is resonable to beleive that there would be plenty for all.  Since stolen property is still the property of the original owner, the court would likely remove any title from General Growth!  Of course this is all supposition based on a positive DNA test from both the Peters and the Hughes sides.  What's the likely hood of that happening.  About as likely as the earth's atmosphere shrinking, I'd say!  (look that one up).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to give anyone who thinks they may be a child of Howard Hughes or/and one of his many wives/girlfriends a place to submit their ideas and proof. It is hoped that these persons will get their DNA tested and than post it here so that possible relatives who have the other side of the DNA (such as the Lummis, Gano, Hughes and Peters families) will then get their DNA tested to compare with the posted DNA. This is meant to be used by,
1. Family members, relatives or investigators.
2. Prosecutors in trying to establish cases.
3. Policemen in trying to find proof in various actions.
4. News media in trying to report the truth.

Please be aware that if you post your DNA on here, it will be public knowledge. You may email me at  I will not reveal any information you send unless you are doing something illegal or shady.  Be aware that email is reported to be routinely hacked, (fyi gmail is reported to be a little harder to hack) by law enforcement (thanks to the patriot act) and hackers, so be cautious (some emails have urls embedded and can routinely be tracked by the public to the office or url it was sent from) with what you send over the internet.  Be assured that at present it appears that paternity, maternity and kinship testing has VERY little that can be used by insurance companies to discriminate against you. A certified tester told me that the markers are a world unto themselves and aren't used for disease testing.