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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mission Impossible Assignment: to All Citzens of the United States: Can you help?

Dear fellow Americans: 
Here is your assignment if you chose to accept it:
Job:  Get some Howard Hughes, and possible mothers DNAs to compare to possible childern.
Range of difficulty: Impossible to simple. If treated with bleach or ash the sample is very hard to test.
Sources: Any genetic relative of Howard Hughes: To compare to male childern it must be a nuclear DNA test. Any genetic relative of a prospective mother.  Can be mitochondral or neclear Test (ask lab).

Suggested approaches: Best: Just ask them for a swab, inside of 
                                        mouth, most use a polyester swab. Or 
                                        better yet, if you are the relative and 
                                        you take your own DNA or go  to the
                                        lab to be swabbed or have a tech
                                        come to your house (Usually about 
                                        $50 in big cities, more with greater 
                                        travel, If you fly in a specialty 
                                        scientist from west to east coast, 
                                        it could cost $3000).

                                   Better:  Get a direct DNA sample from
                                   blood,salavia, back of licked stamp 
                                   or licked envelope flap, Hair from 
                                   comb/brush etc that still has follicles 
                                   still attached. Copious oral, vaginal 
                                   or semen secretions directly from 
                                   the source (process as below).

                                   Good:  DNA sample from a object that has
                                   been used extensively by the subject in
                                   the past, such as a hat band that has
                                   been sweated onto, a pair of old 
                                   underwear/clothes that has dried and
                                   not been washed with dried secretions 
                                   still intact (got Bill Clinton, should get 
                                   Fair: Old letters with smuges, maps or 
                                   technical drawings that have  been
                                   handled by the subject and/or 
                                   sweated on extensively.

Warnings: This is NOT legal advice, if you have a doubt ask a lawyer. Check the laws concerning genetic sampling in your state before doing so. When in doubt; DON'T is the word here.  Of course if it's YOUR DNA, you may do what you like.  Taking samples directly from the subject without their permission is ILLEGAL.  Stalking and harassing a subject is ILLEGAL.  Be patient, let them come to you and use the opportune LEGAL moment.  Don't take a chance of getting yourself in trouble.  If you have reason to think the subject will refuse (Peters and Lummis family members likely will), then  it probably is not smart to even ask, just wait  and if they throw away/abandon an object that has their DNA on it (straw from drink, cigarette, hotel sheets,  spit cast onto a public area, napkin, with nasal secretions on it, etc and then retrieve it from the throw away place (trash can etc).  Handle straws with one finger on each end if possible, dry and bag as above. 

Suggestion: Carry a CLEAN plastic, latex or rubber glove in a baggie in your pocket along with a few swabs in a separate baggie (to swab secretions that you can't get in bag (spit, slavia etc: carefully air dry before putting into zip bag) . Use caution to not touch the fingers or palm of the glove when putting it on, retrieve the sample and put in the plastic bag, LEAVE THE BAG OPEN TILL THE SAMPLE DRIES.  Then seal the sample and send it to the lab.  If you don't have a glove/baggie handy pick it up by a CLEAN/DRY corner and wrap in a clean dry object (napkin/towel/etc). After drying, carefully deposit in a clean plastic zip bag and seal with a little air as possible and send to lab. Ask simply for a genetic paternity profile on the sample.  It could be mitochondrial or nuclear depending on the male or female prospective heritage (ask lab).  Make SURE the lab knows you want an analysis PRINTOUT that can be compared to DNA posted on the website. 

Not Necessary but  Good Insurance:  If you have a second sample you might dry it completely (keep it secret that you have a second sample), seal in a plastic bag/ label and stash in the freezer or other cold spot  for future reference, that way you have a back up if the lab loses or mixes your sample up (it happens).  Also you have proof for any future claim for reward as to who and where the sample was associated. 

A PLEA to Relatives:  If you are a possible DNA subject for testing to Howard, Jean or another possible mother, would you PLEASE be tested VOLUNTARILY and settle this issue.  The object here is to solve an ongoing mystery as it is rumored that two reporters (Walter Whinchell and Hedda Hooper) both found out about a son of Howard and Jean and reported on it. They were hushed up somehow (the report wasn't withdrawn that we know of), but Jean and Howard are long gone and the possible injustice here is to their son/s or daughter/s who have been left out of the birthright processes.  You could be the hero who rights a decades long injustice through a little bit of spit!!!

Consider: History will not look upon any favorably if this is discovered by another means (new technology is advancing daily in DNA testing; who knows what will be possible) and they were exposed as keeping mum for reputation, misguided patriotism, self incrimination and/or monetary reasons.  A reputation is not worth wronging the helpless and poor.  Isn't it worth a simple mouth swab on the CHANCE that you could solve this???  This plea will be posted on all new posts so that any relative that sees this blog will be notified.  Also, the public posting of your paternal/maternal DNA could even solve mysteries for you own childern, grandchildern or great grandchildern far into the future.  Isn't it selfish to take a code to the grave with you that could break this cypher??

This message will not SELF destruct: But there are interests with billions of dollars who will likely destroy it if they can. Please don't let them!!! Pressure will be leveled on google from many sources to pull this blog. Any question or help you need, just ask, if it's sensitive email and if it's top secret don't put it in email, only confide to someone in person!


Anonymous said...

The problem seems to be, just who is a canadiate for testing: Here are some articles which will give some ideas:
On the hughes/gano/lummis side,9171,914059-9,00.html#ixzz0sqF0dW8m

On the Peters/Brandreth/Cook/Stuart side.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, this is interesting,

As a health care professional I keep track of the grants of Howard Hughes Medical Institutes and who their directors etc are. I know quite a few people in research so it is something I keep track of. Some disturbing items has come to light about the possibility that billions have been lost from the trust in recent investments. I dug a little deeper and some question arouse around the whole Hughes thing and therefore I want to tell the Hughes heirs this!

FYI for the Hughes Heirs trust.

It just occurred to be that with General Growth appearing to winning the battle for the @$2 billion in Las Vegas Summerlin land, and having gotten the land into stock instead of a deed, the Hughes heirs are likely to get little besides a sly smile from the Growth lawyers (stock holders get paid last). And with the surfacing of HHMI in the Bernie Maldolff scandal as investors, with rumors of billions lost from the trust the question begs, with 2 losses in the billions, from two different Hughes interests, in 6 months, are you SURE you want Fred Lummis to be in control of the heirs trust?? Just observing that he is not doing quite as good a job for you as your father, in fact all things Hughes seem to be suffering under his leadership. Is it possible he is TRYING to lose all the Hughes money as fast as possible??? If so, the question begs, WHY??? If you are a Hughes heir, the only way to recoup some of the lost might well be, to test you DNA and hope you get a match to one of the possible children. Then you could make a deal for yourself rather than letting others control your fate! Any chance is better than none, and in bankruptcy, often none is just what shareholders get! Just FYI

Ridge Runner said...

A man I know: A true tale:

I am aware of one man who looks an awful lot like Howard, has a child who is a virtual twin of Jean Peters and has been the target of a number of murder attempts since 1976. This is a true story. No he is not a nut and has held many very trustworthy positions in the workforce. Here are only a few of the unhealthy "coincidences" that have both his and his family's life.

1.Three highway ambushes with a small country road blocked late at night.
2. He used to work nights with his wife and someone fired the roof of the building and it burned down.
3. Five gallons of formalehyde was dumped on a floor and the doors closed, knowing he would be the next one in.
4. A bullet was fired through the door at work that litterally cut his hair.
5. A rifle was fired from ahead on the highway, shattered his right front head light and hit the guard rail on his right.
6. A hit man followed him into the woods and tried to ambush him.
7. A Crown Victoria crowded with men, tried to run him off the road late at night.
8. A Ford Comet tried the same thing, (it was too small).
9. A promonient politician moved to his home town and bought up the two banks on either side of him (Safety Deposit Box number 47).
10. A hired Mexican knife killer invaded his house with only his wife and daughter home. A policeman happened by, is all that saved their lives.
11. A long gun weilding assassin appeared at his wood fence less than two weeks ago at 2:30 in the AM (after all the other attempts, he was ready).
It's obvious someone very rich has put out a contract on his family. The law will come when called but the FBI claims the locals are responsible to investigate (even though the attempts now have occurred in Arizona, Kentucky, and Colorado) solved! The locals aren't real interested in investigating unless they have a dead body (maybe someday he can accommodate them (make their job easier).

So he would like to know if his DNA matches Howard's. At least that would be a motive for all the murder attempts. He'll get his DNA tested and post on here.

Anonymous said...

Jean Peters did not have any children! I know this as a fact!

Anonymous said...

Jean was a personal friend of mine....she had no guys are NUTS!

Elizabeth Ruff said...

I'm sure I believe the things that happen to me left story on blob .if interested please help me find the truth .I'm sick of people that Kill, Rob that's why I left the story alone they would try to keep the story away it's all about money.I know Howard Hughes money went to good places that helps others .and that Great just that People other people lied steal just to keep secrets I'll never know in the 70's what he was going to give me I just wanted to keep his Legacy alive and why me.was more to story someone has to know even now Children of his best friend Gourdie.Thank You want to find out truth before I die.

Elizabeth Ruff said...

It's my Birthday today 71 Looking for someone to help with my Story about Howard Hughes .I get tired of writing no one seems to care just trying to find out why this encounter .story on Google and twitter . Elizabeth Ruff Twitter Altogether 1

Elizabeth Ruff said...

anyway I feel somethings were keep from me please anyone look into this please read on Google or Twitter please help I'll not able to pay .