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Monday, July 19, 2010

OMG!!! The genie may be out of the bottle!!!

Let me say up front that I am NOT an expert on DNA  (or spelling, please note my mistakes and they'll be corrected) but I have had a few classes on attendant subjects.  Any DNA scientists or other tech experts are welcome to  review this blog and give their input to correct any possible errors.   Why Maury didn't think of this first is beyond me!!!  I'm hoping someone will post a chart of how to compare home profiles to the posted ones so people don't have to hire experts  initially for the comparison.
That said, the talent to corral seemingly inconsequential trivia into a cogent theory of operation is a family trait. Lying in bed tonight I was thinking about the poster who put up DNA profiles and pondering possible outcomes!. And simply stated: if any of these profiles are for real, a massive uproar is ready to erupt! Let me explain.
1.Assuming one of the profiles posted (and I am hoping for many more) is a real child of Howard Hughes and whatever mother although Jean Peters descent would have boo coo better legal standing.  Then:
         Any person who holds a piece of Howard's past possessions (hats, flight suits, covers for the pilot's chair or the Hercules, letters with smudges, hat bands, extant evidence (any hospital who had him as a patient or the Harris county evidence locker who did his autopsy, etc) (please handle them like CSI because DNA and fingerprints are both important) can get a cheap DNA test to compare to the posted ones.  
(I intend to post the prices for the various tests at all the major labs in the US as soon as I have them compiled). I anyone has a small comparison chart (like lower my bills dot com) please post it. Paternity and maternity tests are all that are needed.    Any person who is a descendant or kin of Howard, Terry, Jean, Annette Gano Lummus, Will Lummis, both Fred Lummis',Howard's Dad, Howard's uncle who was a Hollywood writer,Howard's grandpa,etc, can call a DNA lab and explain the situation and ask if a test is feasible   Remember it should be half the price of the paternity test because you're only having one person tested (there are a lot of fly by night offices that charge you 4 or 5 times what the big labs do and just send the sample to them anyway so negotiate vigorously). 
          Now here's where my musings got funky!!! What are the possible uses of a positive result??? In other words, after one gets a Howard or Jean DNA match that is a definite positive, now what?
                                   1.  Contact this blog and get in touch with whatever posters' DNA is up here (not a bad strategy). You could then have possible cause to file for an injunction to halt an further payout of the Hughes trust (some think 2.5 billion to be paid in Sept 2010) and ask to have a new administrator named. 
                                    2. Contact number 1 above, also law enforcement and give both all your information. (a highly recommended strategy, given all the stories of murder attempts on some blogs.)
                                    3.  Contact the media and give them the story; and make everyone in this unhappy but make Linsay Lohan extremely happy because the media wouldn't pay any attention to her troubles for the next 5 years. (Not recommended but an intriguing (except by stars who have a negative publicity problem) possibility). 
                                     4.  Now this is only in here, not as a suggestion but as an obvious thought that would occur to the more nefarious of our population.  (Any real analysis of a situation must consider the unseemly also)  Contact the present heirs with a suggestion of a "deal". (EXTREMELY BAD IDEA FOR ALL THE OBVIOUS REASONS).  The danger level to your freedom and possibly worse is much too high. (Do you really want to give people this powerful a reason to desire you gone?)
                                    5. Readers will also probably have logical uses of their own. Post them with your permission for use and I'll add them to the list.
Given the exponential increase in the numbers of people who could and probably will become involved now, all five of the above could happen, MULTIPLE TIMES!    Now do you see what I mean by the GENIE IS OUT OF THE BOTTLE?   

Ground rules:  Any contact with this blog will be open to any law enforcement with a legitimate inquiry!  I will protect your identity, even going to jail for you if you might be endangered. But, IF you are trying to play games, blackmail, or get info on the personal affairs of posters, creator or heirs, you will be reported and your postings will be deleted.  In advance, to the fellow from the midwest who hears Howard's broadcast through his teeth, you will be removed from this blog immediately.   Rude and crude posts will also be removed (Scott Harold or any other obscene identities dreamed up by "the great one" will be deleted immediately).  Others; if you have a theory, present it as a theory, not as a fact, otherwise you may well be deleted.


Anonymous said...

According to "Empire" (pages 517-533 (which Paul swears is the gospel truth) the Encino office was unknown to Howard, Unknown to most Romaine street employees, did not have a publicly listed phone, was the headquarters of all senior managers of all things Hughes (they even had his voting trust), was the office of the "chief of security (who failed his polygraph), was were Paul Winn was sent to fetch the papers' ransom note, did not have any Hughes offices listed in building directories, did not have any Hughes persons listed in the building directories.......

Does it occur to anyone else that this setup is a classic scenario for a CIA operation??? And considering the Jennifer connection, could it be possible that the CIA was using the Hughes organization for a shell to run it's own ops without Howard's knowledge. Yeah, I know you hate Anonymous Geoff but given the content, you'll understand why! Hey???
Which would make, Gay, Glenn, Winn, Henley, Davis and all others working in Encino, "noc" agents. In essence planted in the US to do the job of the CIA undercover. A totally unconstitutional situation and subjecting them to countless secrecy acts and threats of prosecution if they told anything. Hey just theorizing here but the author of Empire lead you to that conclusion in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Could they have been running this with the collusion of the palace aides? Who got all their orders from Gay? Were they ordered to keep Hughes doped up so he couldn't discover the takeover?

Could that be the reason they moved him out of the US, so they could operate on foreign soil, which wasn't illegal for the CIA? Hummmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

On page 397 of the book Empire: It mentions a 'set of two duplicate keys on a ring" found at Romaine the Romaine Street facility that triggered a Cinderella like search for the safety deposit box they went too!

Mike Duncan (Former RNC Chair and friend of many Houston contributors) (often more is contributed to the RNC from a small area ofHouston than whole states)bought two small banks in Eastern Kentucky for no apparent reason and with no shortage of funds. Wonder if Mike found the magic box number 47 in those banks?