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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to give anyone who thinks they may be a child of Howard Hughes or/and one of his many wives/girlfriends a place to submit their ideas and proof. It is hoped that these persons will get their DNA tested and than post it here so that possible relatives who have the other side of the DNA (such as the Lummis, Gano, Hughes and Peters families) will then get their DNA tested to compare with the posted DNA. This is meant to be used by,
1. Family members, relatives or investigators.
2. Prosecutors in trying to establish cases.
3. Policemen in trying to find proof in various actions.
4. News media in trying to report the truth.

Please be aware that if you post your DNA on here, it will be public knowledge. You may email me at  I will not reveal any information you send unless you are doing something illegal or shady.  Be aware that email is reported to be routinely hacked, (fyi gmail is reported to be a little harder to hack) by law enforcement (thanks to the patriot act) and hackers, so be cautious (some emails have urls embedded and can routinely be tracked by the public to the office or url it was sent from) with what you send over the internet.  Be assured that at present it appears that paternity, maternity and kinship testing has VERY little that can be used by insurance companies to discriminate against you. A certified tester told me that the markers are a world unto themselves and aren't used for disease testing.


Anonymous said...

Here is the paternity DNA of one person searching to see if he is kin to Jean Peters or Howard Hughes. The name is deleted from the DNA lab report so that the person can remain private until they desire to become public. Several DNA tests have been run for this person and so far it seems that Howard and Jean's accessible belongings have lost their DNA or been treated to destroy it.

Maternal (DNA located in organelles called mitochondria)(not in the center of the cell) DNA: This DNA is ONLY passed by a female, so members of Jean Peters family who are female descendants, her sisters,any female descendants who have a complete female line to Jean's mother, her brothers, and first generation males who have a uninterrupted line of female ancestors to Jean's mother are valid test subjects (as far as I understand). If any direct relative wants to be tested but can't afford it, a lab person can be sent to their home, free of charge. Just ask for it on here. Don't give your address or personal info. That can be exchanged by email so you don't attract unwanted attention. Here's the readout from one of the world's premier DNA labs.

HV1 16162G
HV2 73G

Again, if you are a close relative of Jean Peters and want to be tested, we will pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Here's the DNA of a person who we have reason to think may be a child of Howard Hughes. This is nuclear (DNA from the center of the cell) DNA. Possible sources of comparison: Any object handled by Howard or better yet a hat band or other object that came into PROLONGED contact with his body. The best items would have been kept in a cool dry climate since the DNA was deposited. Other possible comparisons are Will Lummis, Fred Lummins,their children or grandchildren any relative who may be related to Howard's Father, Mother, Grandmother or Grandfather.
Any person who would like to make a comparison to this DNA and is a close documented relative of Howard Hughes Jr. and can't afford it, just make a request on here and we will pay for the test and send a lab person to your home or if you are in a large city, you may just stop by the lab office.
Here's the readout from a first line DNA lab:
System Locus Reference Swab
D3S1358 14, 16 NR
THO1 9, 9.3 NR
D21S11 29, 31 NR
D18S51 14, 15 NR
PENTA E 7, 13
D5S818 9, 12
D13S317 8, 11
D7S820 8, 10
D16S539 12, 13
CSF1PO 10, 12
Amelogenin X, Y
vWA 16, 17
D8S1179 13, 14
FGA 20, 23

If you are a relative of Howard Hughes and are curious, you are encouraged to get a test run on your own DNA and have it compared to the above results by your own lab. Please post a comment here if you get positive result with an email address and once we verify you have a match you will be provided with the certified complete lab report as it could be very profitable for you. Thanks