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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why try to match DNA now?

Because it just simply won't go away. I have heard so many stories that I decided there was only one course to solve this dilemma. Post DNA. 

Now we know that the Will Lummis settled with several claimants who claimed to be married to Howard etc but if someone claims to be a child of Howard, how can they proceed?? I can tell you now that the Hughes relatives in Houston are not likely to cooperate much. A legitimate child showing up now would throw an awful wrench into the works of the Summerlin settlement (some estimate 2.5 billion dollars).

Could this benefit the Lummis etc heirs?
Quite possibly!  From what I can read, General Growth has them on the ground gasping for air and is proceeding to strangle them and will leave them with very little in the final Summerlin payout.  Any legitimate heir would likely come from a much poorer background and be very grateful of being helped by powerful people like the Lummis'.  If the DNA were matched to both Jean and Howard, then the heir would be in a position to claim "theft by unlawful taking and a multitude of other wrongs."  

A prenegotiated settlement with the two heir groups could result in the court awarding the entire residual Summerlin property to the newly discovered heir.  Since the previous heirs would have helped, it is resonable to beleive that there would be plenty for all.  Since stolen property is still the property of the original owner, the court would likely remove any title from General Growth!  Of course this is all supposition based on a positive DNA test from both the Peters and the Hughes sides.  What's the likely hood of that happening.  About as likely as the earth's atmosphere shrinking, I'd say!  (look that one up).


Anonymous said...

Let me make you a prediction!

First the basis of the prediction. When I see the same dogs coming out of a hen house three times and each time I find a house full of dead chickens, I figure the same is going to happen when I see these same dogs go into another hen house.

Translation: The same bunch of lawyers who have been involved in liberating untold billions of dollars into foreign bank accounts from US investors have been seen around the Howard Hughes Medical institute. I will make you the prediction that in less than 5 years from today, that institution will be bankrupt.

D Sanity said...

I wad raised with Howarx Hughes, John Wayne, charles Robbison, but i was put up for adoption. I have been i formed that Howard R. Hughes is my biological father. I am willing to submit DNA. I need legal assistance

Elizabeth Ruff said...

Back in the 70's I wrote my story ,telling the encounter with Howard Hughes don't know why I also would submit Dna .but were do I send this I have story on Twitter and Google . This was near Midway airport I never knew who it was too years later when I seen a tall man weary looking although very distinguish ,and accent My Name is Elizabeth Ruff. at the time work as waitress please read whole story I wrote many times no one reply back.

Elizabeth Ruff said...

Twitter account altogether 1 and e-mail Again Elizabeth Ruff

Elizabeth Ruff said...

Please read full story on Goggle Howard Hughes

Elizabeth Ruff said...

under Elizabeth Ruff read story,

Elizabeth Ruff said...

Someone please help me look into my story.this is Faith of some kind.

Elizabeth Ruff said...

I Believe in my Story maybe when older you look back and wonder why you didn't do things different but you didn't.and it's over I just wanted if true a part of his Life Howard Hughes,I know there had to be my name on something .but don't know why.