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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr. Scott Harold:

I know you have claimed to be Howard's son, but this is a discussion board for SANE people.  I have deleted both your comments made today as they are utter garbage.  If you read the orginal statement of purpose on this site, I warned you not to start the same kind of garbage you have spammed every site about Howard in the last 20 years. You have suceeded in spreading so much manure that the honest diamonds of decent discussion have been obliterated.  I don't care if your are Howard and Jean incarnate, that kind of conduct won't be tolerated.  If you care to make a considered sane comment it will be accepted.  If you send another jibberish comment, I will be forced to set a screen that will put all comments from you into spam until after I have reviewed them. I will also set it to refuse anything with your urls and name.

I regret doing this but what else do you do to protect the public from a mad dog???? You succeeded in scaring the Jean Peters family so bad with your craziness that they won't talk to ANYBODY now.  Someone must take a hard line against you and that someone is me.  Honestly , I don't think anyone is as crazy as you act, you must be working to suppress comment on Howard for a subversive element.  Who???  Answer that one for yourself.