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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr. Ackerman: activist investor: People if you want to get anything out of this: speak up!

There are those who not only want to prove they are kin to Howard but also to get the money they should have inherited, should their DNA validated. I would advise all of them to GET OFF the POT and get on the ball with the DNA testing!  Why?? Because all the remaining assets that you might be able to lay a claim to are about to be lumped into hedge fund control.  These funds could disappear overnight.

Lummis relatives in Houston need to submit their DNA, as insurance against any claims in complicity that may well occur in the future.  My investigation pardners need to get on the move. 

We have investigation pardners in several parts of the US testing literally dozens of Hughes DNA sources to dig up verifiable DNA; you need to redouble your efforts, or as Howard was wont to say, "make this effort far beyond any previous".  General Growth intends to lump all it's  less desirable assets (I would term them "toxic") into a separate company to be run by hedge fund investor Ackerman.  This is a way to isolate themselves from future claims and is a manner of corporate "shuffling".  I won't go into who or what liability they are trying to get away from, but look for Mr. Ackerman to quickly package the portfolio and give the problem to investors. A chain of "innocent purchasers for value" makes later recovery very difficult.

This website operator however, is more interested in the truth, than in money and will continue this investigation to it's conclusion.  When all the DNA is collected together and then sorted out rather than any particular position or argument, we will know the truth about all the various stories! 

However we realize that as the bible says, "Money gets a response in all things", and there are rewards here for those who work and provide the proof!  A word to the wise to those however, get busy!

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Howard Hughes Fan said...

This is the author of this blog: I have angered a lot of very rich people IMHO that own technology companies (one even manages Obama's email account; which is strange given he is a rabid neo con)!

My password to access this blog and the email account associated with it have been disabled. IMHO the billions that were taken from Howard's legacy are being used to suppress DNA research into his children. I don't at this time know if someone has hijacked the account or Google is churning it to try to get some money out of me! Time will tell, but I am starting a dozen or so related blogs which will all be interconnected to try to avoid this censorship in the future. Thanks,