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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dear Anomoyous Female:

Update 3/10/2012: I see you followed my advice about moving. You certainally managed a good one. No one but me will be able to figure out where you are, I think. I would advise using a public library or other public place for your internet traffic from now on! I will assume you worked for a while in the "public service" sector in Nevada before moving to your present "picked" address. Hope you're doing well and followed the rest of my advice. I will let you know if I run into anyone "kin" to you! Peel

I get a lot of crazy comments so yours was deleted almost immediately.  On further thought, your thought of being in immediate danger must be taken seriously.  You present an interesting conumdrum. How to advise you and how to get your DNA known.  Here's what I think would be the best choice.

1. Get some 10 cotton swabs and rub the inside of your cheeks (make sure to get a good sample). Lay them out on a dry clean paper towel to dry. Once dry put them in 5 clean, new, small brown paper lunch bags.  Label and sign them as being yours on the bags.  Fold each bag and put in a legal size envelope.  Address 3 to your closest friends or your lawyer and address the 4th to the local District Attorney.  Give your friends their samples, put stamps on the 4th and hide it in a place that will be found after you are gone in case your stalkers are successful.
Take the fifth bag and store it a home and go to the internet and send after a $79 kit to have your DNA profiled.  They will probably want TWO samples as the paternity test is the cheapest, so have a close male relative supply the other sample.  After you get the sample back, email me or send the sample in a comment to be posted on the blog.
2. Go directly to you local police department and make a report of the danger you are in.  Most criminals know enough to leave you alone once you have drawn the attention of the police.
3. Have your DNA compared to all those on the site to see if you are related to any of our known and published samples.  I will also compare any samples that may have been kept confidential. 


Anonymous said...

If i could find my son you would have the true dna of Howard R, Hughes. Howard R. HUghes raised my son. You may think i am crazy but i am one in a few that knows the truth about Howard R. Hughes being alive. He faked his death. You will someday know that i am telling you the truth. He has children all over the world. Like paul winn said,"Howard R. Hughes could have any woman he wanted." Think....Why could he have any woman he wanted? Check out jean rojas web sight. I will not be on this web site again. Just remember the name penni Jean stratton. Good luck to you and the children of Howard R. Hughes.

Anonymous said...

How old is your son.
You do know there are reports of Howard not being able to have children due to a vasectomy after a certain date???

Anonymous said...

You need to get in touch with Doug Wellman, the author of the Boxes book, Email me with permission to pass your information on at and I will send him a cut and past of your story and also any other information you would like passed on. I would recommend that you not use anything close to your real name until you have proof positive of something and if you have a positive DNA match, Don't post it until you have notified the DA and sheriff of your area and then email me a phone number to call you with.