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Monday, October 3, 2011

Update: Dear Anomonous Female

 UPDATE: 3/7/2011 Who ever is using the UK google to check this post 3 times a day needs to email and leave me a phone number. I will call and establish a secure means of contact if you are that curious!

There was a HUGE spike in people reading my blog yesterday from a least eight different sources!  I will take that as an indication that either your comments are raising a lot of interest or that the people with the Hughes money know of something about to happen that is causing them to carefully check the possible threats to their money and freedom.

You do realize that even if you're running a con, you may have put yourself in danger.  Other claimed relatives, etc to Howard have had their lives attempted numerous times and a Lawyer for a supposed daughter in Houston reports that her lawyer was threatened so seriously that she quit the case and would not even talk about it afterward to her client, also the records disappeared.

I would recommend that you take some serious security measures to protect yourself, all of course in line with the law. A permit to carry course might come in handy as well as some motion alarms that sound off insid the house to let you know of movement outside (has already saved 3 lives). (Motion lights don't do much good if you're asleep now do they?). ($17 or less at Harbor Freight, but spray paint them a less noticeable pattern such as green if put in bushes and cover the led on the front with a piece of green tape, It's irritating at first but then it becomes a challenge.) Most of the reported intrusions to this site have come between 11pm and 5Am.  They no longer seem to send professionals but instead like to hire local talent anonymously and send the payment through a non traceable (or so they think) Fed Ex packet.

If they follow the recent patterns, you are most likely to be in danger from a local gang, (bloods, crips, 13 or whatever is prominent locally).  I would advise you to move if that is convenient (a moving target is usually harder to hit) , as these people have multiple ways to track addresses (I can assure you that they almost certainally have your present address).  The US postal service is NOT a safe place to give out your name and address, IMHO.  They let a LOT of people know when you get a new address. I suspect your information is for sale nationally as soon as you get an address.  At least it is available to government agencies and rich people nearly always have government workers who inform for them.

Internet communications are eminently traceable so a good way to communicate is to do so from libraries or internet cafes so that you can vary which site you use and make it very hard to trace you to a specific house.  Of course if you constantly email from a 5 block area, they can narrow your address down pretty quick.

Get good at disguises and do some thinking about how you would get out of your house in an emergency or even while being shot at.  There are some simple things you can do to preposition resources to give intruders nasty surprises. Be careful not to hurt your dog or kids if you have them. If you don't have kids, a mean inside dog is handy, but then understand that will NOT stop a hireling but WILL only change his method of attempt (Benadyrl in meat balls was used to silence dogs in one attempt). You need to fore think how they will then try!  Sometimes it is best to decide which kind of attempt YOU favor and make it LOOK like that avenue is EASY!  You can take it from there!

Employee recruiters is also a favorite ploy used to track people.  You can tell they are not legit because they don't stop at minimum necessary information but seem to always have another form or assessment to have you fill out. (It is a tracking and update ploy). If that fails they will keep calling you just to get your voice print to verify you are still at that address or url.    These are not instructions, simply hints that have been helpful to others, you must adapt to the local circumstances as you experience them! We do not take any responsibility for you doing something unwise and getting hurt.  Remember, these are only ideas, use your head as to if you need to use them or not!

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Anonymous said...

FYI: I posted on this site and have had private investigators emailing me and trying to find out who I am. Wanted to warn the others to not give out private information on here!