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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Open Letter to Ransom Clark Lummis

Update November 11, 1011
After the post below, the searches for Ransom Lummis have ceased on this board but inquires from other sources have increased.  In this blogger's opinion, the credit empire of the Lummis family is keeping close track of this blog. If they have nothing to worry about, then WHY??? There is an attack site from, which this blogger suspects is being used by the Lummis interests to try to obtain private information off this site or subsquent clicks on the location server.
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According to my sources, someone, possibly yourself, is very interested in keeping track of all references to you on the internet and is checking my website virtually daily for such!  Now it has occurred to me that you may be monitoring it for the Lummis family or someone may be monitoring you. Having tried numerous times to contact your family through regular channels, I decided to try this.  (To Spoofers and pretexters: The identity will be verified before anything is discussed).

Why not just email me at or (I would prefer you use gmail as yahoo is much less private and much less reliable.)  Please do not offer any private or sensitive information on these email accounts as they are evidently fairly easy to hack, if one is to believe recent news reports about certain news organizations!  If those discussion need to be held, other means will be provided. Certain intrusions onto my privacy bear the marks of a hired private investigator, and this person has been reported to the authorities.  If you are associated with him, you need to understand we will prosecute criminal conspiracies to the full extent of the law.

Please understand that you will NOT be given free reign to search through my DNA archives as some of them are confidential but should you see fit to submit a DNA swab of your own (we have certified test takers who can come to your home or business (they will fingerprint and take your picture to verify identity)) for comparison.  Or we work with an office right there in Houston.  You will be informed of any matches that are relevant!

The other possibility is that someone is interested to know if we are talking. You would know the implications of that better than I.  However, would it not behoove you to know why such interest is taking place and in such a consistent manner, Hummm ?????  Given your business interests and record, it may well be an irate debtor!

You might also like to discuss,
1. A person who moved back to my area from your area in Houston, who also bears the rather rare name of Ransom.
2.  Comparing your genetic profile to those on this site and in my possession.
3. A possible 1954 double kidnap case and one of the victims who may still be living very close to you!
4.  If you have matched your DNA with a profile on my site, you would be entitled to know the identity of that set of DNA, especially if it is the set purported to belong to Howard Hughes.
 5.  It might just save you tremendous fees paid to private investigators by simply asking for the information you are curious about. 
6.  A certain cache, bequeathed to me, of (I believe) a 33rd degree mason who at one time was the Grand Pooba (or whatever they call the head honcho) of the masons in Houston.  Your family likely has jewelry items obtained from this man.
7.  Perhaps some answers as to why you seem to have gotten the short end of the stick in certain family dealings!  Ever wonder why? 

If any of this sparks your interest, just contact me!!!

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