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Monday, November 21, 2011

Open Letter to Hollywood Producers: Reality Show Entitled: The Search for Howard Hughes/ette!

 The basic premise of this show would be the search and documentation of all proposed children of Howard Hughes with DNA and detective work.  The audience would be asked to help and rewards offered for germane information.

And document the search for Howard's children through interviews and DNA. Rewards could be offered for getting information and critical DNA tests.  I originally thought that Mark Musick with a side kick would be a good crew but Mark is a little mild for that job.  I thought maybe a cast with a Myth Busters flavor of 1. Mark, 2. An investigative journalist to hype the program, 3. a certain nurse who is a Hughes DNA researcher with 30 years of searching,  And of course with a female DNA scientist (her company would make millions off the publicity) I know a good one in Phoneix) to balance out the testosterone with some estrogen. A PI company would be retained for free as the advertising would be worth millions. 

Paul Winn could be given his own 2 minute comment box, to deliver his 2 minute analysis of each segment to give fair comment to the historic Hughes party line. Paul is a really entertaining personality, with a lot of knowledge and is especially entertaining when he gets on his soapbox in an Andy Rooney sort of way.

Peter Maheu (he's pretty dull) or his female assistant Noel Krieger could also be asked to comment on developments.  She is also a very entertaining personality.

Possible producers: Douglas Wellman, Steven Speilburg, Terry Morre/Grant Cramer (yes they evidently have a production company), Warren Beatty. The world loves a mystery, especially an unsolved one and even better one they can participate in helping solve.  I already have quite a stock of information backlogged that could be used.

So you big money men like Ted Turner, etc, are you up for a new idea of a reality show that is reality, history, mystery and entertainment all rolled into one??  Get with it then!

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