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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Privacy warning to Interested Parties! You will be monitored by outside parties!

We have reason to believe that several private investigators are using illegal and legal survielance tactics to not only monitor the content of this site but also monitoring the computers of anyone who has emailed this blogger.  In one instance a reaction was obtained in less than an hour after this blogger instituted what should have been a private search on his home computer.  These developments have been very disturbing!

During the recent and Thanksgiving holiday there was two gaps of many hours in computer checks for posts on this site.  Since the holiday and date is a uniquely American holiday, that indicates that the generation of these checks are from the US although the inquiring sites are often all over the world.  The only plausible interpretation of this is that a US security agency is monitoring this site and using their consular and embassy computers in other parts of the world to route traffic.  Interestingly all the inquiring countries have we think all a US government presence.  Let us repeat to you again that you should NEVER include sensitive information in you posts to this site!  Also, if you email us, NEVER include sensitive or personally identifying material in your emails.  If it becomes neccessary for you to let us know your identity, we will talk on random phones.  I know this sounds like spy vs spy but is is very much like that.  A large number of people associated with the efforts to correct the Howard Hughes legacy have had their lives attempted and you should be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS ABOUT USEING ANY COMMUNICATION MEANS THAT CAN BE TRACKED OR TRACE.

Here is an interesting blurb from a recent privacy violation by makers of cell phones.
"The revelation that the locations and other sensitive data of millions of Americans are being secretly recorded and possibly transmitted is deeply troubling," said Mr Franken in a statement."

Couple this with an earlier revelation that the mike on a cell phone can be turned on remotely and be used as a bugging device to listen to anything the carrier or anyone closeby says, and the obvious conclusion is that when you are doing anything extremely private, a CELL PHONE SHOULD NOT BE IN YOUR POSSESSION.  

Several of our efforts shows preknowledge by those in opposition, so we have logical precident that these are prudent steps.

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