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Monday, January 30, 2012

Public Appeal: Please Read and Give Ideas: Yahoo email confiscated!

 Mr. Ogden, Do You think Crashing My Email Would Work?

People who have emailed Please be careful as your emails have been compromised by this breach. Others are still secure. People in Hollywood and CA need to be VERY careful to NOT give ANY information to people who might inquire. They are likely to use recruiting agency or fake law enforcement cons to get information out of you.

Remember: I am only operating on a theory here, but I have used various methods to tease out the motives involved in the Howard Hughes children issues.  I here publish some correspondence from a person who I think runs a confuse and defuse program for the CIA on any person that inquires too deeply into Howard Hughes matters. I have tracked this person to their home and have "inquired" into their background (s).  

Various identities seem to be associated and they have worked as a PI very close to the present home of George Bush (JR).  He claims to be closely known by the Bush family and gives the impression that he is highly admired by the ultra conservative neo cons of modern day!

I threatened to reveal some of these emails to the public to get help and my Yahoo email was taken from me.  Yahoo claims that I somehow violated their terms of service but refuses to tell me how I did that. They are insisting on validating my public identity and Yahoo has been phishing for private information about me too!  My impression is  that they are doing it at the behest of some governmental agency as Yahoo hasn't been doing this in the past. They have turned into a semi Nazi bunch of storm trooper types.

I cannot help but think Mr. Ogden (an alias) is behind the email sabotage along with help from present and past governmental officials. If this sabotage doesn't stop, we will reveal his public ID and the identities of his prominent backers. I have implemented a time sensitive dispatch that will be released to the News Media even if I and all my family disappear.

This person was a psych teacher and specializes in influencing people via word leverage. An obvious CIA specialty.  He has posted on sites that have looked into the Howard Hughes mysteries for many years using various word manipulation and nasty contamination posts to disgust people into not reading the relevant posts.

Our investigators think his is likely the same person who scared the Elizabeth Jean Peters, Hough, Hughes family into clamming up and refusing to even discuss Jean having a baby by Howard. Our investigators tried to talk to Shirley but halted their efforts due to the morbid fear in her eyes!  We don't know what they have done to her but it wasn't nice! She was obviously upset so, in order not torture her any further, they left. Later efforts were met with threats of restraining orders so we left her be.

If law enforcement is interested, I will provide you the name of this person and their last known residence. (If he is following the CIA protocol, he will have moved by now).  I believe he is the one that followed Jean and her family around Carlsbad/San Diego and claimed to have contact with the then dead Howard via an implanted transceiver.  He scared them so badly that they refused to talk about it and her Sister Shirley, Husband Richard, Son Judd Brandreth and grandchildren still won't talk to anyone.  Such actions are contrary to the rule of law and illegal under the rules of the CIA.

Here is some of his communications: Remember his stock in trade is to use language to delude, confuse and misdirect: Quote from here the emails: This is a small sample. He claims to be the son of Howard also, remember the "confuse and defuse" intent!

<In addition, circa 1957, my mother told me that Howard Hughes was my father and that she and my father had an RH factor problem.  My father, who was listening, cut in and told me that my mother was really Jean Peters.  Apparently my mother was unaware of this.  She groaned and turned white.  She excused herself to go to the bathroom.  A moment later my father jumped up and went into the bathroom.  I was then told to "go to your room," as my father helped my mother walk to the door for a trip to the hospital.  Apparently, she had attempted to take her life with a bottle of aspirin.

So, in addition to the phone call from Bill Gay attempting to buy me out with an offer of Five Hundred Million Dollars which I never received, there are quite a few things in my life that indicate that I am a son of Howard Hughes.  But my birth certificate reads that my father was my legal father and my mother my legal mother.  Curiously, it also shows that my mother had only 1 child and I have a legal brother?

Another incident, was when my father was talking to two men in suits and when one turned to look at me he was told not to look.  Shortly afterward my father bought a summer cottage on Lake Champlain with cash money saying that he had cashed in some old insurance policies.  My father's car back when I was preschool was a Chrysler New Yorker with all the extras.  But he did make good money with his grocery store.>  End email quotations. 

Mr. Ogden: I gave you the benefit of the doubt but it seems you have betrayed me.  I haven't exposed your real name but if law enforcement wants it, I will.  Did you REALLY think that a person as careful as I am would only keep copies of correspondence in ONE place???? 

I think the story above was closely crafted to fit the story of a "Real" child of Howard and Jean's and was an effort to elicit information that I might have had about that person.  The account is laced with "prompters" which are words or phrases which induce a natural response in the hearer or reader to further the discussion. It is a technique used by the CIA to ferret out information from people who don't want to give it. Remember, this person is a specialist in using words as weapons!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Howard Fan: No, I did not attempt to crash your E-Mail. In fact, I have been trying to send an E-Mail to you. Recently I was attacked by a gang of hoodlums and suspect it may have something to do with the Howard Hughes situation. You know my E-Mail address. Please contact me so I can get a valid E-Mail address for you. Sincerely, Mr. Ogden

Anonymous said...

Mr Ogden:
I really don't believe you, but as you know, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Your email is not secure either if your are telling the truth. A direct connection would be the only solution but I am not of a mind to expose my self to that danger at the moment. If I appear to you it will be in a public place where I have an overwhelming preponderance of advantage. Now you can take that any way you like but I am a careful person. If the hoods were wearing red underwear, then we have the same enemy.

The email crash is too closely associated with the tease to reveal emails from person's on here for me not to believe that someone very powerful want me neutralized or dead an you could very well be their instrument.

Orange Covering!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ogden:
Why don't you just use the google address of if the problem is with Yahoo? It is well know that Google is less spy friendly and that google is very resistant to intrusive requests that don't have a warrant attached! Couldn't hurt!!