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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reader Request due to Recent Email Hijacking!

As a result of the recent email hijacking, we are making an odd request of all persons who have communicated with us on  Someone with a terrific amount of influence has taken over my email at that address and blocked my access. I beleive it was one of the persons I was corresponding with on there. Although the information was retained in a secure place I need to do a comparison of emails.

I need all of the persons who sent email to to RESEND their emails to Please note the address is the same but is to be sent to Gmail instead of yahoo. I can't explain my reasons without compromising those goals but suffice to say that your responses will tell me who the perp is.  Please: just click on the emails you sent to me earlier and then click forward and send them to

NOTE: This is only for persons who haven't been given a different address to send their communications to. Some of you had such confidential information that we were corresponding on secure sites and emails and phone. Please send you a copy of your emails to me on a secure method if you were using one in the first place.  If you are still confused, send a phone number to and you will be directed to a secure repository. Thanks to all!!

Open Letter to People who Are Checking this Site!

1. Terry Moore: It seems your website may be checking this blog on a regular basis.  If it's not you, you need to check your employees!  Did you really have Howard's secretions after all these years?  If so, are the profiles back?  I would like to exchange profiles from this site.

Why be curious when you can have your questions answered! Are you ABSOLUTELY sure your children by Howard, ALL died.  Howard played many romantic games and you wouldn't be the first woman he wasn't completely candid with!  DNA could help you answer those questions and we have walked on this road quite a while.  You would have to start from scratch!  Email me a phone number and I will call you.  The caller ID will show Escondido, CA when I call.  We need to talk!

2.  Write Life Publishers: You too are tying to track this blog and the activity on it. Your editor has tried to get access to private information on the blogger.  Same for you, just call and I will talk.  You don't have to be coy. Email me a phone number if you have questions.  They may or may not be answered but at least they might.  Confidential sources will never be revealed so don't ask on that score.

3.  Agency who routes your traffic through Germany.   If I was more interested you could probably be tracked to ground but first, just call.  You tapped 39,000 phones of innocent people in the US per year.  Learn to use one legally???? How about that???  Using the Texas boiler room employment scam fools no one!

4.  Paul B Winn:   Your traffic was the easiest to track, simple logic.  This is the realm of INFORMATION and LOGIC.  Your past posts identified AOL and COX net.  Only one person has been inquiring from your area with those parameters.  s

You have our apologies if your feelings have been hurt, we question the individual's reasoning not the individual.  It's not personal, this is a search for knowledge and questions must be asked, even if they are raw.  You understand that, being a lawyer don't you?  If you had ever tried cases in court you would understand challenging arguments to verify them.  Again just email me your phone number, it's that easy.  Yes we will keep our anonymity, as the past 16 attacks on the blogger argue for caution.

5.  The ARAB Inquisitor:  These web inquiries come from two Arab countries and we don't have the slightest idea who is interested over there.

6.  The Swiss Bankers:  I would venture that this person is the Swiss contact person for moving money out of the US for some very powerful interests who ended up with Howard's money and Industries after his death.  They seem to be interested in keeping tabs on the DNA testing we are doing.  The monitoring it seems is coming via a Swiss internet account which puts it outside US law and also under the protection of the famed Swiss protection of their depositors, no matter how odious. They protected the Nazi's so it is a fair bet they will protect the depositors of hundreds of Billions of dollars of US treasury bonds.

7.  Prospective Children of Howard Hughes Jr.  There are several who are keeping track and who have submitted their DNA.  Thanks to them and keep helping please!

THIS IS A SUNSHINE POST!   To let all readers know who is reading these posts and who is keeping track of the evidence. You can put your own motives to the various sources if you know Howard's history.

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