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Monday, February 20, 2012

I have hundred's if not thousands of photos of Hughes stuff!

I have investigated all over the US with the help of a number of other specialists. Some of these specialists were intrigued by the mysteries surrounding Howard and others had family who had been part of the underworld connected to Howard and had records left by their for-bearers.

We have been  looking for Howard's children. We have taken many, many photos of things related to Howard from museums to people he worked with to people who claimed to be him.  We favor having an inside person in any situation we are working as people will not talk as readily to an outsider but will to someone they know and trust.

It's amazing how many people have volunteered to help us with our quest. Many of the pics have been supplied by them.  A very talented DNA researcher deserves special thanks for all the expense and expertise  he/she has exhibited to to help us get DNA in the proper manner and with the proper methods.  The documentation of DNA has been meticulous. The progress is slow but you never know when that next test will blow the case wide open.

With the DNA and evidence available at present, we would calculate that there is probably an 85% chance that NiK Nicely was simply Verner Nicely and  no one else. The motives of Mark and Doug are still cloudy, but a growing suspicion is that the "above the pay grade" work done by people involved in the "NIK" story was with a certain spy agency and this story may be an outgrowth of their agenda. (Goodness knows why????)  You come to your own conclusion, after seeing the evidence in the pictures.  Nik seems to have been a very deranged individual who lost his wife and two sons and hatched a story about Howard. Of course there's always that 15% chance that some piece of evidence has been missed. We are trying to get face recognition confirmation that the "Nik" face is or isn't Howard.  The structure will no have changed and with Howard's accidents, there will be anomalies that cannot be faked.

Managers of Howard's casino's have been interviewed. Families of his "inner Mormon circle" have been interviewed. The family of his personal bodyguard told a totally different story than what had been testified to in court. Many of these people would talk "of the record" but would not do so publicly.  His neighbors in Rio Rancho, Carlsbad, Hollywood and elsewhere were interviewed.  We have pics of the Green House in Las Vegas and also some private pics that were supplied by neighbors of interesting "Mormon mafia" comings and goings.  The owner of Bonnie Springs next door to Howard's Spring Mountain Ranch supplied a wealth of information about Howard's comings and goings at the ranch which were concealed even from his bodyguards.  She even signed Geoff's book and took pictures with the investigators.  

We have started posting some of those photos that would be most interesting to person's interested in the Hughes story. One is on here as the profile pic and others are on Picassa. I intend to post essentially everything as time allows. Check them out as you desire.

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Anonymous said...

Lets clear up the confusion connect dots:
"Nicolai -Nicolay -niko- aka nik -hoodlum name"
Nik Nicolay -Verner Nicely connected -
identification ID - found and Used ?
Eva said Nik aka hughes birthday wrong.
Hughes eccentric neurotic bipolar recluse.
Eva said He registered vehicles in different
states to cause Confusion she laughed.
M said _ cause Confusion to stay alive.
so Did Nik -Nicely aka Hughes
Get eye surgery 1966 Boston/Panama?
Eva Campbell McLelland 1916-2009.
Eva married 1st time _ 1942.
Eva devorced McLelland -1965.
Eva civil secret job georgia.
Eva 54yr decides move Panama .
Eva moves to Panama 1967.
Eva see's tall handsome man.
September - November 1969.
Start interacting talk each other.
Nik Nicolay -Vern Nicely aka hughes.
Nik is gone for 2 months.
Nik says busy on business.
Eva ask Nik how long panama?
Nik Says 2 months not 1957?
Then May 1970 Eva -Nik marry.
Eva leaves Nik Panama .
Eva goes Flagstaff arizona June 1972.
Nik Shows up Arizona Mid July 1972.
Eva says live Ariz for 3 years .
Eva says they move around.
Eva says live (red) house 1974-1976.
Eva says live White House 1975 -2000.
Nik gets sick Troy Hospital 17,ooo debt.
Nik only get a pension not ss /medicare.
Eva retire check -social security/medicare.
Eva -Nik save some money -spent very little .
(if plan out -iris change - hidden cash future?)
Hughes hide cash -anywhere- he use it ?
Nik - Eva sign property over to D.Henderson!
Eva said get mad Nik threat tell story ?
Eva said Couldnt tell story til after die.
Eva said get mad leave nik -sometimes 9 mo.
Eva move somewhere always come back Nik.
Eva Said Nik disappear for a day or Days ?
Eva said Aids there 1969 til 1976 disappeared?
Eva said Helicopter came men in black suits.
Eva said she took picture of the Helicopter.
Eva and M take Nik ashes to florida beach.
Eva independently living move nurse home