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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Ventura Law Firm Enters the Fray

In the tone of a Walter Winchell news cast:  A certain consultation was had with a law firm in Ventura, California yesterday?  Since it is a criminal defense firm, we would assume someone is worried that they might be criminally liable?  Hummm!  Wonder what?    Is it Doug feeling the heat? Is it Paul with his pride hurt returning to his old ward in LA to get himself some legal help?  Is it Mark trying to explore his options? Is it Terry protecting her privacy?  Is it Grant Cramer "speaking with the enemies at the gate".  Is it the CIA who are looking to protect their "money tree"?  Is it Judd Brandreth, protecting his mother?  Or some other as yet unknown person with an ax to grind. Is it someone who signed a non disclosure agreement with the Hughes estate for a settlement, trying to find some wiggle room to help us? Do we already know and are giving the "client" an opportunity to be open with us?  Only our hairdresser knows for sure! lol  This is starting to sound like Peyton Place, ain't it! lol

Why are they talking to lawyers instead of talking to us?  If they have a beef, then tell us. We apologized to Paul Winn. He was right and the proof showed that. We are just searching for the truth and can make mistakes too.  Are we getting too close to that truth??  The DNA is already out there in the public domain and you can't stop that with a lawsuit!  We have distributed multiple copies of the profiles so even if you crash this web site, it isn't going away.   I would suggest an email to and we will set up a telephone call. A trip to LA is a little too expensive at this time, as we have already had investigators out there several times already.

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