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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't beleive in them but they KEEP happening??

I often say, like Sherlock Holmes, "I don't believe in coincidences! " But several of them has recently  happened in the search for Howard's children, in quick succession. You tell me what they mean. Paul, you're the great one here, figure this out!
1. I put on email ignore a pretended son of Howard Hughes who was really a private investigator.
2. I catch the private investigator carbon coping our email to someone in the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes. It goes to the webmaster who forwards it!
3. HHMI has long had an office in San Diego.
4. Right down the road from the HHMI office in San Diego is the office where Judd Brandreth works.
5.  Someone called at a criminal defense law office in Ventura, California.  It seems from the site hit list that the law office then searched our site for "Judd Brandreth".  Judd is the nephew of Howard's wife Jean.  Her younger sister Shirley is his mother. Richard Cook is his step father. I do not know what ever happened to Judd Senior.
6. EJ Brandreth works as vice president of quality and regulatory for Athea Tech  in San Diego (they make some kind of genetic manipulation substances for drug companies).  (Seems right up HHMI's alley don't it. Does HHMI buy what EJ Brandreth sells?
7.  The private investigator was pretending to be a "son of Howard Hughes" and even claiming to know he was the "brother" of one of our investigators.  The private investigator admits he still does "security" work, and claims to be the son of Howard Hughes via Jean Peters. He claims Howard told him of TWO sons by Jean, one in 1947 and one in 1954.  His apparent goal was to get us to tell him what names went with the various DNA profiles on our site and held in our private files. Update: 4/2/2012; It seems that the PI is selling out and moving, since he got exposed!  Humm!
8.  Paul Winn has suddenly, got his hissy all up in the air and is threatening to sue us for everything up to and including breathing! lol  He even claims someone posted directions to his house (someone did! Paul Winn, we checked and he posted his address on the internet himself we looked up his history of posts and there it is on the Schumacher blog).  The fact that Paul is threatening over such a made up and petty thing, indicates that someone wants to bring this blogsite under legal duress! Here is the cut and paste from the Schumacher, Howard Hughes Blog! " Paul B. Winn 8529 Glenmount Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134 (702)363-8227 IMZGR81@COX.NET September 25, 2008 10:17 AM "  If you click the blue letter it will go to the page.  
This is a perfect example how HHMI, Winn, and HHMI work to quietly pressure people to shut up.  A hunch is beginning to form about who pressured Shirley Cook to not talk.
9. March 24, 2010 Fred Lummis is appointed trustee of HHMI Bio: Lummis, 56, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Platform Partners LLC., a Houston, Texas based investment company that he cofounded in 2006. Before founding Platform Partners, he managed private equity investments for two successor firms, The CapStreet Group and Summit Capital. (Incidentally he is also in the immediate Lummis family that inherited a great part of Howard's loot(but don't tell him I told you so! lol)). 
10. Lummis is HHMI trustee, Seems EJ is worried, Paul seems to want to scare off this investigation with threats of law suits (claiming even ludicrously religious persecution).
11.  Ransom Clark Lummis is involved in planting trees in Houston, Andrews Kurth is involved in planting trees in Houston, Mark Musick met (or so the storyline goes) Eva while at an event for the Arbor day foundation. Lots of bark on some people!  We may even have this story backwards.  In the Boxes book, We know know Mark wasn't really telling Eva's story.  Was Eva telling Mark's story?  One of the best ways to suppress a story is to tell several very like it and have them exposed as frauds!  Then when the real one comes out, no one pays attention! Satan even used this tactic in the first century by raising up several false Messiah's in advance of Jesus! An old tactic!

12. A new way to sequence the ENTIRE human genome in 15 seconds has been invented and it can be done at home without the intervention of a court, lab, judge, lawyer, or ANYTHING!  People this opens up TREMENDOUS NEW AVENUES of information gathering in our quest! We told those holding Howard's DNA in their bodies that technology would take that privilege away and it has! It's just a matter of time now before we can easily reconstruct Howard's entire genome and compare it to the codis data base or any other data base desired. I would advise those resisting this search to come forward immediately as the consequences will be MUCH  MORE severe later!
Here's one teaser site:

To Paul Winn: You made a curious statement to Mr. Piersol and I hope you weren't referring to this blogger. I certainally hope you aren't accusing these bloggers of making fun of Mormons! Considering that for three years running we entertained the white shirted missionaries of the Later Day Saints on the first full moon after the spring Equinox. We are NOT making fun of Mormons!  We DO sometimes call into question the logic and actions of people who just happen to be Mormon.  If you were the Quiserat's Hadarat (that means "Rightly Guided One" in Arabic) (in the Dune books he was Paul Atredies, a semi god man, much like the Nephlim in the Bible), we would still question some of your reasoning. The same goes for your son!  When you leave a trail of bread crumbs, don't blame others for following them!

If you must threaten us, go right ahead and sue! Take your best shot! I would just love to get you on the witness stand.  Just remember what happened to Senator Brewster when he tried to frame up a bunch of bogus charges on Howard! Don't be surprised if you and your son have the same fate as Mr. Brewster and Juan Trippe!  Like Howard, I don't like the spotlight, but when pushed, can be very formidable just like Howard! You already know the depths of my research, the world has only seen less than 1% of what I have dug up!

One thought on what you think is still secret:  We have taken great interest in your talks with Vern Olson!

A PI gets caught trying to get private medical information to seemingly pass on  to HHMI.

Could someone come up with a logical thesis here for what is going on here??  All I can think of is that maybe someone with a verified copy of Howard's DNA (the one on here from Verner Nicely doesn't match anyone we have tested so far) is trying to put names to the profiles because they KNOW the profile matches one in their family or maybe even matches as a child of Howard?????  If this search is over, would someone please tell ME!!!! lol Trouble is, we have coincidences, from BOTH sides of the family tree?????  Now THAT is a wealth of richly confusing facts??????

Like I said, this is all theory, you have the coincidences, can you tell me a better theory???  Come on Paul, you've called a lot of people crazy, I feel left out, just call me crazy and I'll be happy! lol 


Anonymous said...

I was a personal friend of Jean peters for many, many years. I know as a fact that SHE did not have any children...not by Howard...not by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

Are you the same friend of Jean's who worked for Eve Arden and Whose letter was sent by Howard to J Edger Hoover to try to get something done to stop the harassment to fund millions to your favorite Catholic Charity???

Unknown said...

All dna information was stored in records thru intelligence data all this guessing pointing finger is way out there..the sad thing is all hughes wanted was peace and his family line to be safe and not to be cheated.he understood human nature basically corrupt.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have no memory over 10 years back! No dna was stored before then. If you get Howard's you got to go to a preserved source. HHMI has his DNA but as a CIA front they aren't going to let anyone else have it!

Anonymous said...

I had A story From the 1971-72 around then it's on Twitter I hate to keep on telling no one listens .it Was Contact with Howard Hughes never knew at the time please read this haunts me.I just Can't Forget my Name Elizabeth Ruff The Story also posted on this site.and Twitter Please read I never knew about years ago but as I'm reaching his age)before I die if someone could look into this for me maybe I was relative I don't think so but were would I get a Dna test done it's just was unreal and why I'll never know unless some helps mystery of my life not Solved Please Help . My E-mail is also