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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I don't know what's going on but the yahoo address has failed and the yahoo password no longer works. Yahoo is asking for all kinds of personal information to try to phish for information and I'm afraid it is a private detective spoofing.  I will soon quit using Yahoo altogether as they are turning into a phishing site. But for right now, if you don't want to use the gmail, then you may use this yahoo address . Old farms are great places.  Please note that there is and extra R inserted between Howard and Hughes in the new address.

This is a new address. I will be changing all my passwords on all things.  And changing the keys on all locks including safety deposit boxes. Thank you!

I have noticed this happening before. I usually get access but only after someone has a day or two to play with my email.  Someone has been snooping to try to discover my id recently.  And I have been stalked almost daily.  This usually happens when someone emails me about something important! There is usually a two or three day wait before I can assess it, during which ever who has hijacked it does whatever they do.  If you have emailed me recently, on yahoo, go to a public library or other non home site and just send the information through a comment on here or email gmail at  Thanks,

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