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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hallo? AAfrikaans or German?

 I was in a quandary as to if the investigations that were poking around into my emails etc were from private investigators or government agents acting for those who acquired Howard's billions. I posted the threat to post their emails online to test that theory. The idea being that private individuals would likely not be able to shut down a yahoo mail account but that a Yahoo is well know to kiss any gov butt offered. The fact that Yahoo took down my email account points to the fact that likely there are governmental agents involved. The ability to use servers worldwide as specified earlier to spoof inquires and view pages had also pointed to a governmental source for this interference.  This all lends credence to the earlier postulated idea that the Boxes book by Mark Musick and Doug Wellman was likely to only be a confuse and diffuse scheme hatched by a black ops cell. The fact that Mark had participated in those activities in the military and Doug rushed to get a concealed weapons certification from an official provider points to both being noc (non official covert agents) personnel. Just my take on the events transpiring! Am I violating any law by outing these two? No, as I have no connection with gov service and I have taken no oath to keep such information secret.  If these guys want my cooperation, they had better be up front and honest and quit this back alley garbage!

Be sure to use the gmail address of  Evidently yahoo has bowed to pressure from the Houston Billionare's club and has confiscated my HowardHughesDNA account. If you SIMPLY MUST use yahoo, please use the (please note the addition of the R between Howard and Hughes.

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