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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calling the Boxes Book Dead/CIA redherring and me on the Isis list!

Just a note: \
Robert Ludlam and Mr. Mills said it best in their novel about the duplicity in the office of the president, the fictional president said, "There is a closet where items of this kind are put and kept from public sight. They tend to stay there!"  Here is hoping that we can apply enough pressure to make the executive expose the duplicity in the death of Howard Hughes!

I recently found out that I am  on the Isis hit list. No it's not a death list but a list that activates and requires a telephone call whenever you have any business with a federal or state agency your name pops up and they report in to Homeland security on where they had contact with you!  From there in our opinion the information is reported to the (very rich people who can buy officials of any agency) people who have been taking pot shots at us for 30 years. Now if that isn't a misuse of the national securtiy system for personal use, I don't know what is!!! 

Spooky as all get out but just what you would expect if you had outed a CIA con which is just what imho the Boxes book is.  I think they are trying to lay down false trails because the REAL truth about Howard and his demise would likely be very embarrassing to an agency that is know in recent history for the stupid decisions it has made.  Just my take on this whole mess.  Mark and Doug have been strangely quiet (usual CIA instructions when one of their ops gets exposed). 

I was in St Petersburg Florida in the mid 1990's when an unmarked black helicopter got tangled up with a hanger.  A news man on the scene started filming and a front page picture the next day showed the chopper along with a bunch of other unmarked black choppers.  Several cover stories were floated before the CIA was backed into a corner and finally had to admit the black choppers belonged to them.

We seem to be in the denial stage in the Boxes fiasco at this point and unless someone fesses up it will probably stay there.  Given that the confessor will be jailed for outing an operation it is doubtful a human will risk this.  I also think the PI who is harassing me, is working for the CIA or Howard Hughes Medical Institutes, maybe both or in reality they both may be the same thing.  Ever since HHMI started financing foreign nationals and even using funds in foreign states to build labs, I have suspected they were a CIA front too!

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