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Monday, August 20, 2012

From HH Boxcutter: Boxes book, smells of CIA coverup!

Now that the DNA is back and there is little doubt the book was a red herring, what possible motive could there have been for the whole process they went through?

After an inferative review of the book and associated data we were struck with some things.
1. There is NO PROOF VERNER NICELY ever claimed to be Howard Hughes. All the nformation came from EVA. She REPORTED everything Verner was supposed to have said.
2. Eva worked at an AIR BASE i n Panama!  She worked a desk!  3.Verner worked on the planes as a civilian contractor! This smells like EVA was a was a non NOC worker who managed CIA logistics in the field in central America (we all know Central America was a CIA playground at that time).
3.  Mark is AIR FORCE!  What you say that a review of his and Eva's service record shows them BOTH serving in Central America during the time period that Nic was down there????  Makes sense don't it.  Want to bet that Eva and Mark worked together before?
4.  Who MADE SURE (or so she thought) that no one could dig up Verner's body and test it for DNA?  RIGHT EVA!!!!  When she claimed he was Howard ONLY AFTER she had burned the body was the real stink of a setup!
5.  People!!! In our opinion this smells to high heave of a CIA red herring operation concocted by Mark and EVA to distract and destroy any REAL evidence of what REALLY happened to Howard.

I have eviewed recordings of Mark's statements and Dougs and talked with an observer who is supposed to have a photographic memory and had that person write down everything they observed about Doug and Mark. Here are the facts as far as I can discern.

1. Mark was a Major General in the Air guard. I would assume he had served in previous missions in the air force. One report had him flying 200 missions, and another report claimed he flew missions for the CIA (these reports are unverified).
2. Doug has high security clearance, having produced several documentaries about serving politicians and filming even in Washington and the White House.
3. Doug's security even allowed him access to past presidents of the US.
4.  Mark flew a number of highly sensitive missions and also had a high security clearance.
5.  Howard was intimately involved with CIA projects.
6.  Directly after publishing Boxes, Dough took a  firearms course in the Nevada desert designed to prepare persons who might be attacked (why do it at this point in his life?).  I understand that these weapons courses are required by the US security establishment if a person is to work for them and carry a weapon!  (Strange that he need this so late in life!)
7.  Doug is identified rather intimately with very conservative politicians in general.  His public comments are almost undistilled neo con and tea party blurbs!
8. A private investigator who claims to be a son of HRH exhibits the identical political views as Doug. He was caught emailing Howard Hughes Medical Institutes with information about Howard's children.
9.  Even though in our opinion HHMI has blatantly violated it's tax exempt status contract with the American people by financing foreign students and building facilities in foreign countries and acting like a proxy state department by delivering funds and seed to foreign entities the US tax officials refuse to address the issue and totally ignore it.  I suggest it is simply a front for the CIA since it seems immune to US tax and oversight laws.
10.  Mark traveled around the US ostensibly "searching" for Howard's dna on articles Howard left behind but in fact as a museum curator stated, "their methods were so destructive that we will not allow the items to be tested again!"

What can be deduced from the above facts (as we understand them?) and the results of the actions to publish the " Boxes" book????

The result of Mark and Doug's actions has been to destroy and obscure from public view certain evidence that would disprove their claims.  As such we must postulate that their real intent was to run as a red herring in front of anyone searching for Howard's dna and remove any possible source that could be obtained by a public person (why else use destructive means when it isn't necessary).  Ex. When Mark was informed that Verner's shoes were a very likely source of Verner's dna he hurried over to the "ranch" with Dewayne's truck and was observed tossing Verner's dry shoes into the truck bed. This in spite of the moisture conditions of the night air.  Obviously he either was ignorant of proper procedure or he just wanted to remove sources that might be found by someone else.  He did not use rubber gloves either which is necessary when legitimately trying to get DNA test items.

Our conclusion is that the Boxes project was likely a red herring project started up by the CIA to cover up their involvement to submarine Howard's children.  The project succeeded in irritating a number of people into being unhelpful, intimidating others by non disclosure agreements (another favorite CIA tool) into not talking. In essence the Boxes fiasco was in our opinion foisted to muddy the waters of a search for Howard's children and we suspect those involved to include the management of HHMI.


Anonymous said...

Great work, and don't stop now!

John MacDonald said...

I am the real son of Howard R Hughes jr John Angus MacDonald my mother was involved with Howard in 1941 . My grandfather Archie MacDonald arranged the wedding to His son Bob to protect Howard . Look up the real son of Howard Hughes John MacDonald .now the rest of the story Bob MacDonald killed Bugsy Siegel The book Family Secret/ Warren R Hull> tells the story and ties it all together. now I have my DNA tested with the daughter of Howard in the book Boxes results 40 percent chance we are siblings HELLO! what are those odds at 68 years old I find the book 72 now and still saying NEXT!

Anonymous said...

First the Boxes book doesn't list a daughter of Howard. Secondly the match is usless unless SHE or you one have been proven to be the child of Howard. Sorry to bust your bubble, but it's still not proven. You may well be Howard's son but the courts like a 99.999% chance before they will make a favorable decision.

Anonymous said...

HH was murdered in Arizona 1965. I am his illegitimate daughter with DNA proof. People know and do nothing. Who do I contact for help? Without getting murdered.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous "daughter"
You may well be right, a lot of things here that are "real" and not red herrings point to that conclusion. The chances that William C Sullivan, a director with the FBI really composed all those "notes" from the penthouse to Robert Maheu now looks to be about 80% that he did it and 20% that he didn't. The precentages just keep going up@!

Anonymous said...

William Gardner Hughes,Joshua W Hughes.
Hanover Va,NewJerseyCity,LosAngeles,
Lancaster,Schuyler County ,Missouri,
Keosauqua,Van Buren County, Iowa ,
Millstadt Illinois ,MontgomeryAla,KansasCity,
Howard Hughes ,Rupert Hughes,Felix Hughes.
Allene Gano Hughes,Annette Gano Lummis;
Now we know the links of family across Us.
Felix was born on Nov. 10, 1837, in Milstadt, Ill., and married Jean Summerlin on Aug. 1, 1865, in Memphis, Mo. He died Oct. 19, 1926, in Los Angeles, Calif., and was buried in Woodland Cemetery in Keokuk.Howard Sr. was born Sept. 9, 1869, in Lancaster, Mo., and married Allene Gano in Dallas, Texas, on May 24, 1904. He died Jan. 14, 1924, in Houston, Texas.
Howard Jr. was born Dec. 24, 1905, in Humble/Houston and died April 5, 1976, on an airplane from Mexico to Houston.Howard Lived Texas, California & Etc.Judge William Gano Birth:Feb. 20, 1854BourbonCoKentucky, USADeathJul. 25, 1913ChicagoCook Co IL buried dallas.Parents:Richard Montgomery Gano (1830 - 1913)Martha "Mattie" J. Welch Gano (1832 - 1895)Spouse:Jeannette De Lafayette Gano (1857 - 1905) Children:Allene Gano Hughes (1883 - 1922)Dallas Texas.(mother of Howard)Howard Hughes Own Cabin/Land LakeTahoe.non-fiction story:
Now we have a lady Eva McLelland 54yr old, 54 woman live in Panama without nobody else, met nic 1969 but he gone that year quite a bit.
1969-1970 They were live Panama CanalZone ,
supposedly married Nik aka Verner Nicely,
Florida Panhandle, Arizona ,then Alabama:
Goshen ala but Eva met Mark Lincoln Ala ;
4hrs away,for a old lady that sure is a distance. Now why would Eva tell someone fabricated story & age does work wonders to
a person minds. So was it wishful thinking that Eva wanted her Nic to be Howard Hughes?
She said He would start arguements & then he
would take off & she would not know where he
was but when he came back it was like nothing
happend? Did she say she used kleenix's ? Did she say She had sterile pots&pans&plates Etc? Did she say she had to cook certain way that Nic told her to do other wise he would get mad at her throw the plate say he would eat slop? Come On a lot of men that have issues?
But this Nic face that not thin like Howards?
This Nic in the rose garden dont have gloves?
Goshen alabama neighbors didn't see nothing.
Howard Hughes eccentric strange character.