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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Open Letter to Shirley Cook, Richard Cook, Judd Brandreth and their families.

We are aware that you have declined to have your DNA tested and compared even though Judd works with a company that is in that industry and knows that it is not dangerous or invasive. However here are some facts about how we think you are being manipulated that may change your minds.

1.  The person who accosted you and frightened you was named Scott Harold (The person below described is Jon Harold Lavine, we beleive he is one and the same person((not much of an alias)). He gave you a crazy act calculated to get you to have an aversion (a subconscious disgust toward a person, idea or concept). (More on this person below).  He did the same thing on several sites (Eastman's genealogy site for one) which brought up this subject. He can't do his entire crazy act here (some of it was filthy) because we will delete the nutso act in a heartbeat and he knows it!!  His whole act was calculated to make you react with disgust when someone mentions the subject. Let me enlighten you of how we feel you have been manipulated.

2.  If you visit the espionage museum you will see that spies would hide an information drop in a waterproof canister inside a dead cat or in a pile of dog manure. Why?  In order to make sure no one would interfere with their secret information.  Now that technique is also used by private investigators and spy agencies to make people avoid discussing a subject. They associate that subject with a detestable situation so that the person just naturally avoids the subject. Now we feel that was the object of Jon Harold, we feel he was a "contractor" hired to make sure that you develop a subconscious aversion to the subject of Howard Hughes having children. The principle is, "Hide a diamond in a pile of manure and no one will find it."  He piled manure on your subconscious!!!

3.  A private investigator by the name of "Jon Harold LaVine" has been trying to do the same thing to other people searching for children of Howard.  He has been on an email, phishing and identity phishing campaign to introduce bloggers, researchers and investigators who are interested in this subject to give up their search.  He has introduced, "faith healing", "aliens implanting objects", and every other weird subject imaginable into the discussion to try to "bury their diamonds of logic in his piles of manure" so they will avoid the subject.

4.  We also feel he has engaged in certain questionable and probably illegal actions which involves hacking email accounts associated with the search for Howard's children, cell phone hacking and tracking, threat by insinuation, stalking, harassment and also borderline blackmail by trying to use personal information he thinks he has dug up to endeavor to make researchers quit their searches.

5.  If you will do an Internet search you will find that a certain "Jon Harold LaVine" taught for a while at a community college in Florida and also authored certain works on using language and imagery to manipulate people.  YES! It seems that this man has published works on using words as weapons of manipulation.

6. Jon Harold Lavine has claimed to be the son of Howard Hughes Jr.  He has invented visits by Howard a number of times, mostly to invent "evidence" that he is kin to some one or other of the DNA sequences published on our site. 

7.  "Jon Harold Lavine" claimed that Howard told him he was going to Alabama and tried to convince us that the Nik Nicely invention was a reality. We know that was an outright lie and it is proved by DNA.  The person's DNA in that trailer matched Gary Dale Nicely. Something that Howard could never do. Caught in that lie, he then claimed to be Gary Dale's brother!  One lie leading on from the last!

8. I caught Jon Harold Lavine (or the person pretending to be him) sending copies of my emails to Howard Hughes Medical Institutes.  He was evidently reporting to someone there.
9. We are convinced that "someone" has hired Jon Harold LaVine to keep track of anyone looking into Howard's children and to do his "mind tricks" an if that doesn't work, they may well be trying more drastic measures.

NOW IT IS UP TO YOU, ARE YOU GOING TO LET YOURSELF BE MANIPULATED AND FRIGHTENED BY A HIRED BRAINWASH SPECIALIST?  You don't even have to let us see your DNA!  WE WILL PAY YOUR TEST CHARGES IN ADVANCE AND YOU CAN FILL OUT THE FORM FORM and have THE LAB RESULTS TO BE RETURNED ONLY TO YOU!!  Please just have it done!  We have no interest in trying to take anything from you, we are financially secure. We are just looking for the truth. We believe we have already found it!  You have nothing to lose but your fear and might even find it very liberating!!!  Or, you can have your DNA tested totally on your own and satisfy your own curiosity!!! (EJ you need to have ONLY your Mitrochrondial DNA sequenced) (Shirley You need to have BOTH your paternal and Mitrochrondial DNA sequenced). Any direct (daughters of daughters of daughters) female decendents of Shirley, Shirley mother Mrs. Gerald Peters or her mother need only have their Mitrochrondia DNA sequenced. If you are a male relative, your dna probably isn't useful unless you are the FIRST male in a female line leading back to Mrs. Gerald Peters.  Compare yours to the ones on our site and satisfy yourself, if it generates interest, contact us and we can talk about one's that haven't been published due to privacy issues.


Anonymous said...

Being that you have been floating theories, how about this one. Note I am useing your habit of numbering items.
1. Howard was replaced by the CIA after the 1946 spy plane crash.
2. Jean Peters was a plant by the CIA to insure that if the "plant" for Howard got killed in a public accident they could still control his assets.
3. You obviously are missing some major pieces with the players here or you would be getting a lot of positive results. Just bear with me and you may get a new angle.
4. Now when you interviewed Shirley she said, "Jean did not have any children." But Richard muttered under his breath if copy of this is accurate, "At least not by Howard Hughes." Let's assume both of those statements are true, then Jean may well have had a child by the man she was living with and who she married. He could well have been posing as a "fake" Howard but a "real" husband to Jean. Ergo! The problem of making this pregnacy public. The child wasn't Howard's and if someone in school got wise and did blood tests or as DNA became available to the public, he was tested, then the whole CIA scam would colappse! Ergo: the neccessity of keeping both the child and the pregnancy secret! Richard, through trying to not tell an outright lie may have given you the real clue you need!

April said...

Who are the people searching for the children of Howard Hughes?

Peel said...

Who are you April and why do you want to know?

Peel said...

Better yet, write an email to

Unknown said...

I left my story no one really cares it's bizarre something this man would of did we will never know either would anyone else if no one believes my story.Please read on Twitter,Elizabeth Ruff Twitter Altogether1 and let me know it was in the 70's by Midway airport.I've done a lot in life but can't get over this encounter some one please help me with my story