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Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Feel the end of this search is in sight!

Just as we told you earlier that we had reason to believe that Verner was the occupant of the trailer in Alabama instead of Howard, we now have reason to believe that one of the profiles in our possession is in fact a child of Howard Hughes!  We will not be revealing the identity or other particulars for obvious reason until definitive proof is in hand.  But we have reason to believe that that proof is shortly to be forthcoming! 

It has been a long and expensive search but the end is now in sight (we think)!  I doubt if any of this surprises HHMI or the Lummis lawyers as they likely have hand this evidence for decades! If my proof does what I think it will do, I will be asking for charges and disbarment of a bunch of lawyers. 


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Who cares anymore Howard is gone and all this is a bunch of greedy lazy people who want to be in his will and get money that is no longer there hell ill put a end to this right now I'm the son of Howard Hughes and I will let the world know soon who I am until then relax this was all planed out from the very beginning from sunny himself who wanted a normal life for me and to keep me out of the public eyes until I was ready