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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Legal Games People Play: Kurth Andrews Postulate

Now we know that Will Lummis worked at Kurth Andrews before hitting the relational jackpot, so the question begs, "What might be the Kurth Andrews strategy at the present."  Below are some schemes that seem to have some legs, and might be part of their strategy to maximize their client's profits and minimize the damage to their firm if it turns out that the heir was know but subverted.

1.  Try to manufacture a start date for one of the various statutes of limitations that might apply to the above scenarios.   a.  Knowledge of heirship:  Put an item (such as a personal possession) known to belong to Howard or Jean in the possession of the heir and then get them to sell it to someone.  This establishes that (in the setup) the heir would have definite knowledge of his/her claim at this point and start the statute of limitations on filing the claim (this was actually tried recently by a lawyer trying to subvert a heirship claim). More later: this is a draft! Not in final form.

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