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Friday, November 26, 2010

How Howard Handled the Baby Business??, I have recently had discussions with three families who claim that Howard fathered a baby in by one of their relatives and a disturbing theme has emerged.  Seems a pattern was seen in the how the day of birth was handled,
1.  The  pregnant woman was seen by a Dr and given shot/s (presumably to initiate labor, knock out mental facilities and also an amnesiac) to control how much the woman perceived of the event.
2. Each woman woke up the morning after with news of a. "you baby died and we disposed of it", "here is your wrinkle free baby who also happens to have a suntan," or "your baby was badly brain damaged and we put it in a intensive care facility but it won't live."
3.  Could all three women have been made to believe that they didn't have a "live" baby? This definitely could be done with drugs and has been possible for the last century.  Could this be why family and friends "insist" that Jean didn't have a baby "a least not by Howard" (Now ain't that an intriguing comment?")  Doctors please free to comment here!

Another favorite method is detailed in Noah's book.  He describes an underage girl who had sex with Howard for years and ended up pregnant.  They married her off to a young man and sent them with a money gift to live in a foreign country.  God that sounds like Faith Dorn (went to Italy).  Maybe some of Noah's family still has his notes and can tell us the name. The baby would have a very real DNA claim it would appear. 

Is it possible that Jean, Terry and S______were all drugged and lied to cover up the viable live births.  Is it possible that Jean ACTUALLY BELIEVED that she hadn't had a  "live"child by Howard when she really did but it was taken away before she woke up (a witness remembers her lying with her face to the wall and not moving)? Meanwhile could the baby/s have been spirited away to other locals???  Just an intriguing theory that has popped it's head up too often to ignore! Hmmmmm!

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