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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Startling Discovery In FBI Files!

This poster has read dozens of items supposed to have been written by Howard Hughes and has personally contacted the persons who supposedly stole the files from the Romaine storage facility.  The story by the supposed now dead burglar that he was paid to steal the files looks even more likely but we are of the opinion that he wasn't paid by Howard to steal them.

A careful analysis of the wording of a very high official in the FBI from files obtained via freedom of information requests and the Media Pa break in, labeled by the FBI as Medburg has run upon an eerie similarity between the writings of a high official in the FBI and the writing in the documents that were supposed to have been written by Howard Hughes.  The syntax, phraseology and identical use of wording by this official in files he thought would remain forever secret match the wording in the documents attributed to Howard so closely that our opinion is that it passes the realm of coincidence and we must opin that this official wrote the Hughes documents.  This is the first hint of the FBI being intimately involved in the Hughes "bedroom persona debacle".  The implications are clear to any thinking person.  The CIA and the FBI at that time were at one another's throats and it was not above J. Edger Hoover passing the blame off to the CIA for substituting a crazy man for Howard in the penthouse.  A number of persons are comparing these documents and researching the handwriting of this official and comparing it to that on the supposed Hughes documents.  The similarities already noted are shocking and you will be appraised of further developments. 

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Anonymous said...

Now you've just got to be referring to Willie Sullivan, assistant director of the FBI when this all went down. He specialized in this kind of spookery and you may not be far from right. Watch out though, he got a bullet from a "deer hunter" for his efforts. From what I've read here the same has been attempted on you! Watch you six!!!