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Monday, April 2, 2012


 The new blog is HowardHughesBoxcutter at blogspot: The post pertaining to the Boxes book are removed from viewing on this site. It is old history in our opinion.
Ever since the Boxes book came out it has been a distraction from the original purpose to search for children of Howard Hughes. Therefore EVERYTHING pertaining to Verner Nicely will be moved to another blog and taken off this site. That blog will be turned over to someone who was intimately associated with that situation and the core investigation here will be back on track. As far as we are concerned on the Howard Hughes Children blog, that book is busted as far as we can tell and is disappearing in the rear view mirror.  We still have a bunch of juicy leads to follow and will do that as finances allow.  Incidentally it appears this blog is also being hacked.  I have noticed that things get deleted from somewhere else, especially as the posts are being typed. I was just notified by blogger, that another source was trying to publish at the same time I was??????????

 Update: 4/2/2012 Seems the "security" contractor has sold his residence, changed his phone and his email to a public one that doesn't lead anyone to his door. Seems he's trying to disappear!  Now why would he do that?  Ohh well, maybe he will resurrect himself as another personality on a fake email! End update!

One of those leads is associated with the confiscation of our first yahoo blog account. We have already teased out the exposure of a "security" contractor who was fishing for information.  That situation has a lot more to be learned from it!  We knew early on that anything sensitive would have to be handled via personal phone or face to face.  Seems yahoo turns over your email to about any person in authority that asks. Or so it seems!  That account was obviously hacked early on and we must have contacted someone on that email account who made a governmental entity nervous!  Since some governmental entity (we think since Yahoo won't talk to us about it) confiscated one of our email accounts, we must have contacted some real relatives of Howard. Those records need to be searched time and again to discover what we missed that those in the know caught and took the drastic action they did.  There is likely much more to that situation than just the pretending of Mr. Ogden.   If it was important enough to take the email account, it is important for us to know what they wanted. 


Anonymous said...

I agree! After viewing the DNA there is NO DOUBT that Gary is Verner's son and that the DNA from the trailer in Alabama IS Verner Nicely and NOT Howard Hughes. Anyone who thinks otherwise after viewing this evidence has to be NUTS!

Elizabeth Ruff said...

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Anonymous said...

Is this Howard Hughes or Verner Nik Nicely?
Howard Hughes Dec241905 TX,april 51976.Tx.
Howard Hughes aka Verner Nic Nicely.
if he is in panama -he is 64 years old.(abt1905)
He is a Maintance man Panama Canal Zone.
Eva McLelland -She is 54 years old.(abt1915)
What is a woman doing in Panama ?
They got married she doesn't go by Nicely?
In 1969 most women use the man's last name?
-this shows that Eva L Campbell McLelland did not go by Nicely.
Her Credit cards went by the name McLelland but not Nicely.
For a woman she sure did have a lot of credit cards ?
Makes you wonder if she had a large credit card debt at end?
Eva L McLelland maiden Campbell dob: 4-5-1916 Florida
d o d : November 15,2009 Jacksonville Duval Co Florida.
Burial : Troy Pike County ,Alabama , U S A.
"Private " Verner D. Nicely - Eva Renee Campbell.
Marriage certificate attached Verner Dale Nicely (1921)
Verner " Nik" Nicely ,lived Goshen Alabama area.
from 1988 - 1999 attached : Verner Dale Nicely (1921)
Census 1930 : Verner D .Nicely Birth:abt 1922 .
Residence :( township/city)Warren ,Ohio.Usa.