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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New DNA posts

We have at least four new tests underway at present time, some real blockbusters!  (Some may be from Howard ((got to be careful as the lawyers are already looking for something to sue us over because we're getting two close and people are getting VERY nervous))  Keep close check on this post to get the latest! 

Maternal Mitochondrial from a suggested grand daughter of Howard Hughes and Jean Peters
Born in the Late 1980's.

HV1 16162G:

HV2 73G:

Paternal Nuclear: From a suggested son of HowardHughes and Jean Peters born around Spring 1954 to Spring 1955
System Locus Reference Swab
D3S1358 14, 16:
THO1 9, 9.3:
D21S11 29, 31:
D18S51 14, 15:
PENTA E 7, 13:
D5S818 9, 12:
D13S317 8, 11:
D7S820 8, 10:
D16S539 12, 13:
CSF1PO 10, 12;
Amelogenin X, Y:
vWA 16, 17:
D8S1179 13, 14:
FGA 20, 23:

Paternal Nuclear from possible daughter of Howard Hughes born in 1956 in Houston, Texas.

Genetic Marker:           Allele A                      Allele 2

D3S1179                    10                               12
D21S11                      28                               29
D7S820                        9                                11
CSF1PO                    11                               12
D3S1358                    15                               17
THO1                           7                                 8
D13S317                    10                               13
D16S539                    11                               13
D2S1338                    23
D19S433                    12                               14
vWA                           16
TPOX                           8
D18S51                      18
AMEL                          X
D5S818                      12
FGA                            22.2                            25

Please come forward if you have info. we're begging you! You could save lives!

One niggling thought keeps surfacing: In the past Paul Winn and Geoff Schumacher were ever ready to attack and ridicule anyone who gave any thought on Hughes they hadn't pre approved.  (According to Doug Wellman and Mark Musick, Paul has called up both for a royal session of chewing on them). A reputable source tells me that Geoff Schumacher read an advance copy of Boxes, and commented on an interesting read, but advised the authors not to publish! 

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