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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Startling Discovery In FBI Files!

This poster has read dozens of items supposed to have been written by Howard Hughes and has personally contacted the persons who supposedly stole the files from the Romaine storage facility.  The story by the supposed now dead burglar that he was paid to steal the files looks even more likely but we are of the opinion that he wasn't paid by Howard to steal them.

A careful analysis of the wording of a very high official in the FBI from files obtained via freedom of information requests and the Media Pa break in, labeled by the FBI as Medburg has run upon an eerie similarity between the writings of a high official in the FBI and the writing in the documents that were supposed to have been written by Howard Hughes.  The syntax, phraseology and identical use of wording by this official in files he thought would remain forever secret match the wording in the documents attributed to Howard so closely that our opinion is that it passes the realm of coincidence and we must opin that this official wrote the Hughes documents.  This is the first hint of the FBI being intimately involved in the Hughes "bedroom persona debacle".  The implications are clear to any thinking person.  The CIA and the FBI at that time were at one another's throats and it was not above J. Edger Hoover passing the blame off to the CIA for substituting a crazy man for Howard in the penthouse.  A number of persons are comparing these documents and researching the handwriting of this official and comparing it to that on the supposed Hughes documents.  The similarities already noted are shocking and you will be appraised of further developments. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A death in the family!

A person of great honor who had a gift for analyzing mysteries has died.  We know he is in God's memory for he was a good person.  We will miss him but will honor him by carrying on his work of solving mysteries and providing opportunities for those whom no one cares for or understands. Goodby friend!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Open Letter to Shirley Cook, Richard Cook, Judd Brandreth and their families.

We are aware that you have declined to have your DNA tested and compared even though Judd works with a company that is in that industry and knows that it is not dangerous or invasive. However here are some facts about how we think you are being manipulated that may change your minds.

1.  The person who accosted you and frightened you was named Scott Harold (The person below described is Jon Harold Lavine, we beleive he is one and the same person((not much of an alias)). He gave you a crazy act calculated to get you to have an aversion (a subconscious disgust toward a person, idea or concept). (More on this person below).  He did the same thing on several sites (Eastman's genealogy site for one) which brought up this subject. He can't do his entire crazy act here (some of it was filthy) because we will delete the nutso act in a heartbeat and he knows it!!  His whole act was calculated to make you react with disgust when someone mentions the subject. Let me enlighten you of how we feel you have been manipulated.

2.  If you visit the espionage museum you will see that spies would hide an information drop in a waterproof canister inside a dead cat or in a pile of dog manure. Why?  In order to make sure no one would interfere with their secret information.  Now that technique is also used by private investigators and spy agencies to make people avoid discussing a subject. They associate that subject with a detestable situation so that the person just naturally avoids the subject. Now we feel that was the object of Jon Harold, we feel he was a "contractor" hired to make sure that you develop a subconscious aversion to the subject of Howard Hughes having children. The principle is, "Hide a diamond in a pile of manure and no one will find it."  He piled manure on your subconscious!!!

3.  A private investigator by the name of "Jon Harold LaVine" has been trying to do the same thing to other people searching for children of Howard.  He has been on an email, phishing and identity phishing campaign to introduce bloggers, researchers and investigators who are interested in this subject to give up their search.  He has introduced, "faith healing", "aliens implanting objects", and every other weird subject imaginable into the discussion to try to "bury their diamonds of logic in his piles of manure" so they will avoid the subject.

4.  We also feel he has engaged in certain questionable and probably illegal actions which involves hacking email accounts associated with the search for Howard's children, cell phone hacking and tracking, threat by insinuation, stalking, harassment and also borderline blackmail by trying to use personal information he thinks he has dug up to endeavor to make researchers quit their searches.

5.  If you will do an Internet search you will find that a certain "Jon Harold LaVine" taught for a while at a community college in Florida and also authored certain works on using language and imagery to manipulate people.  YES! It seems that this man has published works on using words as weapons of manipulation.

6. Jon Harold Lavine has claimed to be the son of Howard Hughes Jr.  He has invented visits by Howard a number of times, mostly to invent "evidence" that he is kin to some one or other of the DNA sequences published on our site. 

7.  "Jon Harold Lavine" claimed that Howard told him he was going to Alabama and tried to convince us that the Nik Nicely invention was a reality. We know that was an outright lie and it is proved by DNA.  The person's DNA in that trailer matched Gary Dale Nicely. Something that Howard could never do. Caught in that lie, he then claimed to be Gary Dale's brother!  One lie leading on from the last!

8. I caught Jon Harold Lavine (or the person pretending to be him) sending copies of my emails to Howard Hughes Medical Institutes.  He was evidently reporting to someone there.
9. We are convinced that "someone" has hired Jon Harold LaVine to keep track of anyone looking into Howard's children and to do his "mind tricks" an if that doesn't work, they may well be trying more drastic measures.

NOW IT IS UP TO YOU, ARE YOU GOING TO LET YOURSELF BE MANIPULATED AND FRIGHTENED BY A HIRED BRAINWASH SPECIALIST?  You don't even have to let us see your DNA!  WE WILL PAY YOUR TEST CHARGES IN ADVANCE AND YOU CAN FILL OUT THE FORM FORM and have THE LAB RESULTS TO BE RETURNED ONLY TO YOU!!  Please just have it done!  We have no interest in trying to take anything from you, we are financially secure. We are just looking for the truth. We believe we have already found it!  You have nothing to lose but your fear and might even find it very liberating!!!  Or, you can have your DNA tested totally on your own and satisfy your own curiosity!!! (EJ you need to have ONLY your Mitrochrondial DNA sequenced) (Shirley You need to have BOTH your paternal and Mitrochrondial DNA sequenced). Any direct (daughters of daughters of daughters) female decendents of Shirley, Shirley mother Mrs. Gerald Peters or her mother need only have their Mitrochrondia DNA sequenced. If you are a male relative, your dna probably isn't useful unless you are the FIRST male in a female line leading back to Mrs. Gerald Peters.  Compare yours to the ones on our site and satisfy yourself, if it generates interest, contact us and we can talk about one's that haven't been published due to privacy issues.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calling the Boxes Book Dead/CIA redherring and me on the Isis list!

Just a note: \
Robert Ludlam and Mr. Mills said it best in their novel about the duplicity in the office of the president, the fictional president said, "There is a closet where items of this kind are put and kept from public sight. They tend to stay there!"  Here is hoping that we can apply enough pressure to make the executive expose the duplicity in the death of Howard Hughes!

I recently found out that I am  on the Isis hit list. No it's not a death list but a list that activates and requires a telephone call whenever you have any business with a federal or state agency your name pops up and they report in to Homeland security on where they had contact with you!  From there in our opinion the information is reported to the (very rich people who can buy officials of any agency) people who have been taking pot shots at us for 30 years. Now if that isn't a misuse of the national securtiy system for personal use, I don't know what is!!! 

Spooky as all get out but just what you would expect if you had outed a CIA con which is just what imho the Boxes book is.  I think they are trying to lay down false trails because the REAL truth about Howard and his demise would likely be very embarrassing to an agency that is know in recent history for the stupid decisions it has made.  Just my take on this whole mess.  Mark and Doug have been strangely quiet (usual CIA instructions when one of their ops gets exposed). 

I was in St Petersburg Florida in the mid 1990's when an unmarked black helicopter got tangled up with a hanger.  A news man on the scene started filming and a front page picture the next day showed the chopper along with a bunch of other unmarked black choppers.  Several cover stories were floated before the CIA was backed into a corner and finally had to admit the black choppers belonged to them.

We seem to be in the denial stage in the Boxes fiasco at this point and unless someone fesses up it will probably stay there.  Given that the confessor will be jailed for outing an operation it is doubtful a human will risk this.  I also think the PI who is harassing me, is working for the CIA or Howard Hughes Medical Institutes, maybe both or in reality they both may be the same thing.  Ever since HHMI started financing foreign nationals and even using funds in foreign states to build labs, I have suspected they were a CIA front too!

Monday, August 20, 2012

From HH Boxcutter: Boxes book, smells of CIA coverup!

Now that the DNA is back and there is little doubt the book was a red herring, what possible motive could there have been for the whole process they went through?

After an inferative review of the book and associated data we were struck with some things.
1. There is NO PROOF VERNER NICELY ever claimed to be Howard Hughes. All the nformation came from EVA. She REPORTED everything Verner was supposed to have said.
2. Eva worked at an AIR BASE i n Panama!  She worked a desk!  3.Verner worked on the planes as a civilian contractor! This smells like EVA was a was a non NOC worker who managed CIA logistics in the field in central America (we all know Central America was a CIA playground at that time).
3.  Mark is AIR FORCE!  What you say that a review of his and Eva's service record shows them BOTH serving in Central America during the time period that Nic was down there????  Makes sense don't it.  Want to bet that Eva and Mark worked together before?
4.  Who MADE SURE (or so she thought) that no one could dig up Verner's body and test it for DNA?  RIGHT EVA!!!!  When she claimed he was Howard ONLY AFTER she had burned the body was the real stink of a setup!
5.  People!!! In our opinion this smells to high heave of a CIA red herring operation concocted by Mark and EVA to distract and destroy any REAL evidence of what REALLY happened to Howard.

I have eviewed recordings of Mark's statements and Dougs and talked with an observer who is supposed to have a photographic memory and had that person write down everything they observed about Doug and Mark. Here are the facts as far as I can discern.

1. Mark was a Major General in the Air guard. I would assume he had served in previous missions in the air force. One report had him flying 200 missions, and another report claimed he flew missions for the CIA (these reports are unverified).
2. Doug has high security clearance, having produced several documentaries about serving politicians and filming even in Washington and the White House.
3. Doug's security even allowed him access to past presidents of the US.
4.  Mark flew a number of highly sensitive missions and also had a high security clearance.
5.  Howard was intimately involved with CIA projects.
6.  Directly after publishing Boxes, Dough took a  firearms course in the Nevada desert designed to prepare persons who might be attacked (why do it at this point in his life?).  I understand that these weapons courses are required by the US security establishment if a person is to work for them and carry a weapon!  (Strange that he need this so late in life!)
7.  Doug is identified rather intimately with very conservative politicians in general.  His public comments are almost undistilled neo con and tea party blurbs!
8. A private investigator who claims to be a son of HRH exhibits the identical political views as Doug. He was caught emailing Howard Hughes Medical Institutes with information about Howard's children.
9.  Even though in our opinion HHMI has blatantly violated it's tax exempt status contract with the American people by financing foreign students and building facilities in foreign countries and acting like a proxy state department by delivering funds and seed to foreign entities the US tax officials refuse to address the issue and totally ignore it.  I suggest it is simply a front for the CIA since it seems immune to US tax and oversight laws.
10.  Mark traveled around the US ostensibly "searching" for Howard's dna on articles Howard left behind but in fact as a museum curator stated, "their methods were so destructive that we will not allow the items to be tested again!"

What can be deduced from the above facts (as we understand them?) and the results of the actions to publish the " Boxes" book????

The result of Mark and Doug's actions has been to destroy and obscure from public view certain evidence that would disprove their claims.  As such we must postulate that their real intent was to run as a red herring in front of anyone searching for Howard's dna and remove any possible source that could be obtained by a public person (why else use destructive means when it isn't necessary).  Ex. When Mark was informed that Verner's shoes were a very likely source of Verner's dna he hurried over to the "ranch" with Dewayne's truck and was observed tossing Verner's dry shoes into the truck bed. This in spite of the moisture conditions of the night air.  Obviously he either was ignorant of proper procedure or he just wanted to remove sources that might be found by someone else.  He did not use rubber gloves either which is necessary when legitimately trying to get DNA test items.

Our conclusion is that the Boxes project was likely a red herring project started up by the CIA to cover up their involvement to submarine Howard's children.  The project succeeded in irritating a number of people into being unhelpful, intimidating others by non disclosure agreements (another favorite CIA tool) into not talking. In essence the Boxes fiasco was in our opinion foisted to muddy the waters of a search for Howard's children and we suspect those involved to include the management of HHMI.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Feel the end of this search is in sight!

Just as we told you earlier that we had reason to believe that Verner was the occupant of the trailer in Alabama instead of Howard, we now have reason to believe that one of the profiles in our possession is in fact a child of Howard Hughes!  We will not be revealing the identity or other particulars for obvious reason until definitive proof is in hand.  But we have reason to believe that that proof is shortly to be forthcoming! 

It has been a long and expensive search but the end is now in sight (we think)!  I doubt if any of this surprises HHMI or the Lummis lawyers as they likely have hand this evidence for decades! If my proof does what I think it will do, I will be asking for charges and disbarment of a bunch of lawyers. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hope Paul Winn is OK!

An advisor who keeps track of things in Las Vegas tells us that Paul B Winn put his house into a family trust April 24, 2012. Hopefully Paul isn't ill!   We hope Paul will live to be 200 but time has a way of catching up to us all and he is well into his 80's. 

Here's hoping he finds a way to tell what he knows while it can still do the living some good. Paul if you know where that notebook of Jean Peter's is, please email us or have one of your family contact us.  We WILL get Howard's DNA eventually and WILL post that profile online for any who might be related to compare.  In fact now for $500 one can get a USB port with a DNA analyzer attached that can not only do the 15 or so locus need for a parental DNA but can also do the ENTIRE genome (It took over $12,000,000,000 to do the first one) of an individual in just a few minutes without the need of a lab.  This invention has massive implications in the identification of family lines etc.  In essence each individual who has ever lived on the face of the earth can be positively identified and each and every one of their relatives accurately quantitatively and qualitatively identified.  That subject is very close to the heart of Mormons and it is a big help in our investigations too! Within a year, it may well be possible to simply shine a scanner on a person without their even knowing it and do a genetic identification.  Those of the Lummis/Gano etc heritage will have stay forever in their bedrooms to avoid profiles, but that may not be effective either.  So you see Paul, we WILL get this information, it's just a matter of time. You might as well help us and yourself. You have often said, that if the "REAL" story ever got out, no one would believe it!!!  Paul, TELL us the REAL story, especially the parts you don't want to tell!!  Why not tell it!!! You've got nothing to lose and a lot to gain with your Creator!

Monday, April 2, 2012


 The new blog is HowardHughesBoxcutter at blogspot: The post pertaining to the Boxes book are removed from viewing on this site. It is old history in our opinion.
Ever since the Boxes book came out it has been a distraction from the original purpose to search for children of Howard Hughes. Therefore EVERYTHING pertaining to Verner Nicely will be moved to another blog and taken off this site. That blog will be turned over to someone who was intimately associated with that situation and the core investigation here will be back on track. As far as we are concerned on the Howard Hughes Children blog, that book is busted as far as we can tell and is disappearing in the rear view mirror.  We still have a bunch of juicy leads to follow and will do that as finances allow.  Incidentally it appears this blog is also being hacked.  I have noticed that things get deleted from somewhere else, especially as the posts are being typed. I was just notified by blogger, that another source was trying to publish at the same time I was??????????

 Update: 4/2/2012 Seems the "security" contractor has sold his residence, changed his phone and his email to a public one that doesn't lead anyone to his door. Seems he's trying to disappear!  Now why would he do that?  Ohh well, maybe he will resurrect himself as another personality on a fake email! End update!

One of those leads is associated with the confiscation of our first yahoo blog account. We have already teased out the exposure of a "security" contractor who was fishing for information.  That situation has a lot more to be learned from it!  We knew early on that anything sensitive would have to be handled via personal phone or face to face.  Seems yahoo turns over your email to about any person in authority that asks. Or so it seems!  That account was obviously hacked early on and we must have contacted someone on that email account who made a governmental entity nervous!  Since some governmental entity (we think since Yahoo won't talk to us about it) confiscated one of our email accounts, we must have contacted some real relatives of Howard. Those records need to be searched time and again to discover what we missed that those in the know caught and took the drastic action they did.  There is likely much more to that situation than just the pretending of Mr. Ogden.   If it was important enough to take the email account, it is important for us to know what they wanted. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warning to cell phone users! is being used to access this site!

I really don't know what they are trying to use that program for (incidentially the url is the same spyware company) but it is a spy program used to keep track of cell phones and ALL electronic traffic that the cell phones handle (email, internet, blogs, etc).  The spy program has accessed our site 5 times today. I don't know if it is trying to install their spyware on us or is checking out the sites visited by someone with a cell phone with the spyware on it. All we know is this is probably illegal and it's not good!  Someone with a LOT of money is now trying to HACK either us or people accessing this site.

If you are a cell phone user or are using a mobile device (especially Android) to access this website there is a HIGH likelihood that someone has installed a spy program on your phone!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't beleive in them but they KEEP happening??

I often say, like Sherlock Holmes, "I don't believe in coincidences! " But several of them has recently  happened in the search for Howard's children, in quick succession. You tell me what they mean. Paul, you're the great one here, figure this out!
1. I put on email ignore a pretended son of Howard Hughes who was really a private investigator.
2. I catch the private investigator carbon coping our email to someone in the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes. It goes to the webmaster who forwards it!
3. HHMI has long had an office in San Diego.
4. Right down the road from the HHMI office in San Diego is the office where Judd Brandreth works.
5.  Someone called at a criminal defense law office in Ventura, California.  It seems from the site hit list that the law office then searched our site for "Judd Brandreth".  Judd is the nephew of Howard's wife Jean.  Her younger sister Shirley is his mother. Richard Cook is his step father. I do not know what ever happened to Judd Senior.
6. EJ Brandreth works as vice president of quality and regulatory for Athea Tech  in San Diego (they make some kind of genetic manipulation substances for drug companies).  (Seems right up HHMI's alley don't it. Does HHMI buy what EJ Brandreth sells?
7.  The private investigator was pretending to be a "son of Howard Hughes" and even claiming to know he was the "brother" of one of our investigators.  The private investigator admits he still does "security" work, and claims to be the son of Howard Hughes via Jean Peters. He claims Howard told him of TWO sons by Jean, one in 1947 and one in 1954.  His apparent goal was to get us to tell him what names went with the various DNA profiles on our site and held in our private files. Update: 4/2/2012; It seems that the PI is selling out and moving, since he got exposed!  Humm!
8.  Paul Winn has suddenly, got his hissy all up in the air and is threatening to sue us for everything up to and including breathing! lol  He even claims someone posted directions to his house (someone did! Paul Winn, we checked and he posted his address on the internet himself we looked up his history of posts and there it is on the Schumacher blog).  The fact that Paul is threatening over such a made up and petty thing, indicates that someone wants to bring this blogsite under legal duress! Here is the cut and paste from the Schumacher, Howard Hughes Blog! " Paul B. Winn 8529 Glenmount Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134 (702)363-8227 IMZGR81@COX.NET September 25, 2008 10:17 AM "  If you click the blue letter it will go to the page.  
This is a perfect example how HHMI, Winn, and HHMI work to quietly pressure people to shut up.  A hunch is beginning to form about who pressured Shirley Cook to not talk.
9. March 24, 2010 Fred Lummis is appointed trustee of HHMI Bio: Lummis, 56, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Platform Partners LLC., a Houston, Texas based investment company that he cofounded in 2006. Before founding Platform Partners, he managed private equity investments for two successor firms, The CapStreet Group and Summit Capital. (Incidentally he is also in the immediate Lummis family that inherited a great part of Howard's loot(but don't tell him I told you so! lol)). 
10. Lummis is HHMI trustee, Seems EJ is worried, Paul seems to want to scare off this investigation with threats of law suits (claiming even ludicrously religious persecution).
11.  Ransom Clark Lummis is involved in planting trees in Houston, Andrews Kurth is involved in planting trees in Houston, Mark Musick met (or so the storyline goes) Eva while at an event for the Arbor day foundation. Lots of bark on some people!  We may even have this story backwards.  In the Boxes book, We know know Mark wasn't really telling Eva's story.  Was Eva telling Mark's story?  One of the best ways to suppress a story is to tell several very like it and have them exposed as frauds!  Then when the real one comes out, no one pays attention! Satan even used this tactic in the first century by raising up several false Messiah's in advance of Jesus! An old tactic!

12. A new way to sequence the ENTIRE human genome in 15 seconds has been invented and it can be done at home without the intervention of a court, lab, judge, lawyer, or ANYTHING!  People this opens up TREMENDOUS NEW AVENUES of information gathering in our quest! We told those holding Howard's DNA in their bodies that technology would take that privilege away and it has! It's just a matter of time now before we can easily reconstruct Howard's entire genome and compare it to the codis data base or any other data base desired. I would advise those resisting this search to come forward immediately as the consequences will be MUCH  MORE severe later!
Here's one teaser site:

To Paul Winn: You made a curious statement to Mr. Piersol and I hope you weren't referring to this blogger. I certainally hope you aren't accusing these bloggers of making fun of Mormons! Considering that for three years running we entertained the white shirted missionaries of the Later Day Saints on the first full moon after the spring Equinox. We are NOT making fun of Mormons!  We DO sometimes call into question the logic and actions of people who just happen to be Mormon.  If you were the Quiserat's Hadarat (that means "Rightly Guided One" in Arabic) (in the Dune books he was Paul Atredies, a semi god man, much like the Nephlim in the Bible), we would still question some of your reasoning. The same goes for your son!  When you leave a trail of bread crumbs, don't blame others for following them!

If you must threaten us, go right ahead and sue! Take your best shot! I would just love to get you on the witness stand.  Just remember what happened to Senator Brewster when he tried to frame up a bunch of bogus charges on Howard! Don't be surprised if you and your son have the same fate as Mr. Brewster and Juan Trippe!  Like Howard, I don't like the spotlight, but when pushed, can be very formidable just like Howard! You already know the depths of my research, the world has only seen less than 1% of what I have dug up!

One thought on what you think is still secret:  We have taken great interest in your talks with Vern Olson!

A PI gets caught trying to get private medical information to seemingly pass on  to HHMI.

Could someone come up with a logical thesis here for what is going on here??  All I can think of is that maybe someone with a verified copy of Howard's DNA (the one on here from Verner Nicely doesn't match anyone we have tested so far) is trying to put names to the profiles because they KNOW the profile matches one in their family or maybe even matches as a child of Howard?????  If this search is over, would someone please tell ME!!!! lol Trouble is, we have coincidences, from BOTH sides of the family tree?????  Now THAT is a wealth of richly confusing facts??????

Like I said, this is all theory, you have the coincidences, can you tell me a better theory???  Come on Paul, you've called a lot of people crazy, I feel left out, just call me crazy and I'll be happy! lol 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Ventura Law Firm Enters the Fray

In the tone of a Walter Winchell news cast:  A certain consultation was had with a law firm in Ventura, California yesterday?  Since it is a criminal defense firm, we would assume someone is worried that they might be criminally liable?  Hummm!  Wonder what?    Is it Doug feeling the heat? Is it Paul with his pride hurt returning to his old ward in LA to get himself some legal help?  Is it Mark trying to explore his options? Is it Terry protecting her privacy?  Is it Grant Cramer "speaking with the enemies at the gate".  Is it the CIA who are looking to protect their "money tree"?  Is it Judd Brandreth, protecting his mother?  Or some other as yet unknown person with an ax to grind. Is it someone who signed a non disclosure agreement with the Hughes estate for a settlement, trying to find some wiggle room to help us? Do we already know and are giving the "client" an opportunity to be open with us?  Only our hairdresser knows for sure! lol  This is starting to sound like Peyton Place, ain't it! lol

Why are they talking to lawyers instead of talking to us?  If they have a beef, then tell us. We apologized to Paul Winn. He was right and the proof showed that. We are just searching for the truth and can make mistakes too.  Are we getting too close to that truth??  The DNA is already out there in the public domain and you can't stop that with a lawsuit!  We have distributed multiple copies of the profiles so even if you crash this web site, it isn't going away.   I would suggest an email to and we will set up a telephone call. A trip to LA is a little too expensive at this time, as we have already had investigators out there several times already.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I have hundred's if not thousands of photos of Hughes stuff!

I have investigated all over the US with the help of a number of other specialists. Some of these specialists were intrigued by the mysteries surrounding Howard and others had family who had been part of the underworld connected to Howard and had records left by their for-bearers.

We have been  looking for Howard's children. We have taken many, many photos of things related to Howard from museums to people he worked with to people who claimed to be him.  We favor having an inside person in any situation we are working as people will not talk as readily to an outsider but will to someone they know and trust.

It's amazing how many people have volunteered to help us with our quest. Many of the pics have been supplied by them.  A very talented DNA researcher deserves special thanks for all the expense and expertise  he/she has exhibited to to help us get DNA in the proper manner and with the proper methods.  The documentation of DNA has been meticulous. The progress is slow but you never know when that next test will blow the case wide open.

With the DNA and evidence available at present, we would calculate that there is probably an 85% chance that NiK Nicely was simply Verner Nicely and  no one else. The motives of Mark and Doug are still cloudy, but a growing suspicion is that the "above the pay grade" work done by people involved in the "NIK" story was with a certain spy agency and this story may be an outgrowth of their agenda. (Goodness knows why????)  You come to your own conclusion, after seeing the evidence in the pictures.  Nik seems to have been a very deranged individual who lost his wife and two sons and hatched a story about Howard. Of course there's always that 15% chance that some piece of evidence has been missed. We are trying to get face recognition confirmation that the "Nik" face is or isn't Howard.  The structure will no have changed and with Howard's accidents, there will be anomalies that cannot be faked.

Managers of Howard's casino's have been interviewed. Families of his "inner Mormon circle" have been interviewed. The family of his personal bodyguard told a totally different story than what had been testified to in court. Many of these people would talk "of the record" but would not do so publicly.  His neighbors in Rio Rancho, Carlsbad, Hollywood and elsewhere were interviewed.  We have pics of the Green House in Las Vegas and also some private pics that were supplied by neighbors of interesting "Mormon mafia" comings and goings.  The owner of Bonnie Springs next door to Howard's Spring Mountain Ranch supplied a wealth of information about Howard's comings and goings at the ranch which were concealed even from his bodyguards.  She even signed Geoff's book and took pictures with the investigators.  

We have started posting some of those photos that would be most interesting to person's interested in the Hughes story. One is on here as the profile pic and others are on Picassa. I intend to post essentially everything as time allows. Check them out as you desire.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reader Request due to Recent Email Hijacking!

As a result of the recent email hijacking, we are making an odd request of all persons who have communicated with us on  Someone with a terrific amount of influence has taken over my email at that address and blocked my access. I beleive it was one of the persons I was corresponding with on there. Although the information was retained in a secure place I need to do a comparison of emails.

I need all of the persons who sent email to to RESEND their emails to Please note the address is the same but is to be sent to Gmail instead of yahoo. I can't explain my reasons without compromising those goals but suffice to say that your responses will tell me who the perp is.  Please: just click on the emails you sent to me earlier and then click forward and send them to

NOTE: This is only for persons who haven't been given a different address to send their communications to. Some of you had such confidential information that we were corresponding on secure sites and emails and phone. Please send you a copy of your emails to me on a secure method if you were using one in the first place.  If you are still confused, send a phone number to and you will be directed to a secure repository. Thanks to all!!

Open Letter to People who Are Checking this Site!

1. Terry Moore: It seems your website may be checking this blog on a regular basis.  If it's not you, you need to check your employees!  Did you really have Howard's secretions after all these years?  If so, are the profiles back?  I would like to exchange profiles from this site.

Why be curious when you can have your questions answered! Are you ABSOLUTELY sure your children by Howard, ALL died.  Howard played many romantic games and you wouldn't be the first woman he wasn't completely candid with!  DNA could help you answer those questions and we have walked on this road quite a while.  You would have to start from scratch!  Email me a phone number and I will call you.  The caller ID will show Escondido, CA when I call.  We need to talk!

2.  Write Life Publishers: You too are tying to track this blog and the activity on it. Your editor has tried to get access to private information on the blogger.  Same for you, just call and I will talk.  You don't have to be coy. Email me a phone number if you have questions.  They may or may not be answered but at least they might.  Confidential sources will never be revealed so don't ask on that score.

3.  Agency who routes your traffic through Germany.   If I was more interested you could probably be tracked to ground but first, just call.  You tapped 39,000 phones of innocent people in the US per year.  Learn to use one legally???? How about that???  Using the Texas boiler room employment scam fools no one!

4.  Paul B Winn:   Your traffic was the easiest to track, simple logic.  This is the realm of INFORMATION and LOGIC.  Your past posts identified AOL and COX net.  Only one person has been inquiring from your area with those parameters.  s

You have our apologies if your feelings have been hurt, we question the individual's reasoning not the individual.  It's not personal, this is a search for knowledge and questions must be asked, even if they are raw.  You understand that, being a lawyer don't you?  If you had ever tried cases in court you would understand challenging arguments to verify them.  Again just email me your phone number, it's that easy.  Yes we will keep our anonymity, as the past 16 attacks on the blogger argue for caution.

5.  The ARAB Inquisitor:  These web inquiries come from two Arab countries and we don't have the slightest idea who is interested over there.

6.  The Swiss Bankers:  I would venture that this person is the Swiss contact person for moving money out of the US for some very powerful interests who ended up with Howard's money and Industries after his death.  They seem to be interested in keeping tabs on the DNA testing we are doing.  The monitoring it seems is coming via a Swiss internet account which puts it outside US law and also under the protection of the famed Swiss protection of their depositors, no matter how odious. They protected the Nazi's so it is a fair bet they will protect the depositors of hundreds of Billions of dollars of US treasury bonds.

7.  Prospective Children of Howard Hughes Jr.  There are several who are keeping track and who have submitted their DNA.  Thanks to them and keep helping please!

THIS IS A SUNSHINE POST!   To let all readers know who is reading these posts and who is keeping track of the evidence. You can put your own motives to the various sources if you know Howard's history.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Public Appeal: Please Read and Give Ideas: Yahoo email confiscated!

 Mr. Ogden, Do You think Crashing My Email Would Work?

People who have emailed Please be careful as your emails have been compromised by this breach. Others are still secure. People in Hollywood and CA need to be VERY careful to NOT give ANY information to people who might inquire. They are likely to use recruiting agency or fake law enforcement cons to get information out of you.

Remember: I am only operating on a theory here, but I have used various methods to tease out the motives involved in the Howard Hughes children issues.  I here publish some correspondence from a person who I think runs a confuse and defuse program for the CIA on any person that inquires too deeply into Howard Hughes matters. I have tracked this person to their home and have "inquired" into their background (s).  

Various identities seem to be associated and they have worked as a PI very close to the present home of George Bush (JR).  He claims to be closely known by the Bush family and gives the impression that he is highly admired by the ultra conservative neo cons of modern day!

I threatened to reveal some of these emails to the public to get help and my Yahoo email was taken from me.  Yahoo claims that I somehow violated their terms of service but refuses to tell me how I did that. They are insisting on validating my public identity and Yahoo has been phishing for private information about me too!  My impression is  that they are doing it at the behest of some governmental agency as Yahoo hasn't been doing this in the past. They have turned into a semi Nazi bunch of storm trooper types.

I cannot help but think Mr. Ogden (an alias) is behind the email sabotage along with help from present and past governmental officials. If this sabotage doesn't stop, we will reveal his public ID and the identities of his prominent backers. I have implemented a time sensitive dispatch that will be released to the News Media even if I and all my family disappear.

This person was a psych teacher and specializes in influencing people via word leverage. An obvious CIA specialty.  He has posted on sites that have looked into the Howard Hughes mysteries for many years using various word manipulation and nasty contamination posts to disgust people into not reading the relevant posts.

Our investigators think his is likely the same person who scared the Elizabeth Jean Peters, Hough, Hughes family into clamming up and refusing to even discuss Jean having a baby by Howard. Our investigators tried to talk to Shirley but halted their efforts due to the morbid fear in her eyes!  We don't know what they have done to her but it wasn't nice! She was obviously upset so, in order not torture her any further, they left. Later efforts were met with threats of restraining orders so we left her be.

If law enforcement is interested, I will provide you the name of this person and their last known residence. (If he is following the CIA protocol, he will have moved by now).  I believe he is the one that followed Jean and her family around Carlsbad/San Diego and claimed to have contact with the then dead Howard via an implanted transceiver.  He scared them so badly that they refused to talk about it and her Sister Shirley, Husband Richard, Son Judd Brandreth and grandchildren still won't talk to anyone.  Such actions are contrary to the rule of law and illegal under the rules of the CIA.

Here is some of his communications: Remember his stock in trade is to use language to delude, confuse and misdirect: Quote from here the emails: This is a small sample. He claims to be the son of Howard also, remember the "confuse and defuse" intent!

<In addition, circa 1957, my mother told me that Howard Hughes was my father and that she and my father had an RH factor problem.  My father, who was listening, cut in and told me that my mother was really Jean Peters.  Apparently my mother was unaware of this.  She groaned and turned white.  She excused herself to go to the bathroom.  A moment later my father jumped up and went into the bathroom.  I was then told to "go to your room," as my father helped my mother walk to the door for a trip to the hospital.  Apparently, she had attempted to take her life with a bottle of aspirin.

So, in addition to the phone call from Bill Gay attempting to buy me out with an offer of Five Hundred Million Dollars which I never received, there are quite a few things in my life that indicate that I am a son of Howard Hughes.  But my birth certificate reads that my father was my legal father and my mother my legal mother.  Curiously, it also shows that my mother had only 1 child and I have a legal brother?

Another incident, was when my father was talking to two men in suits and when one turned to look at me he was told not to look.  Shortly afterward my father bought a summer cottage on Lake Champlain with cash money saying that he had cashed in some old insurance policies.  My father's car back when I was preschool was a Chrysler New Yorker with all the extras.  But he did make good money with his grocery store.>  End email quotations. 

Mr. Ogden: I gave you the benefit of the doubt but it seems you have betrayed me.  I haven't exposed your real name but if law enforcement wants it, I will.  Did you REALLY think that a person as careful as I am would only keep copies of correspondence in ONE place???? 

I think the story above was closely crafted to fit the story of a "Real" child of Howard and Jean's and was an effort to elicit information that I might have had about that person.  The account is laced with "prompters" which are words or phrases which induce a natural response in the hearer or reader to further the discussion. It is a technique used by the CIA to ferret out information from people who don't want to give it. Remember, this person is a specialist in using words as weapons!

Hallo? AAfrikaans or German?

 I was in a quandary as to if the investigations that were poking around into my emails etc were from private investigators or government agents acting for those who acquired Howard's billions. I posted the threat to post their emails online to test that theory. The idea being that private individuals would likely not be able to shut down a yahoo mail account but that a Yahoo is well know to kiss any gov butt offered. The fact that Yahoo took down my email account points to the fact that likely there are governmental agents involved. The ability to use servers worldwide as specified earlier to spoof inquires and view pages had also pointed to a governmental source for this interference.  This all lends credence to the earlier postulated idea that the Boxes book by Mark Musick and Doug Wellman was likely to only be a confuse and diffuse scheme hatched by a black ops cell. The fact that Mark had participated in those activities in the military and Doug rushed to get a concealed weapons certification from an official provider points to both being noc (non official covert agents) personnel. Just my take on the events transpiring! Am I violating any law by outing these two? No, as I have no connection with gov service and I have taken no oath to keep such information secret.  If these guys want my cooperation, they had better be up front and honest and quit this back alley garbage!

Be sure to use the gmail address of  Evidently yahoo has bowed to pressure from the Houston Billionare's club and has confiscated my HowardHughesDNA account. If you SIMPLY MUST use yahoo, please use the (please note the addition of the R between Howard and Hughes.